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American Dream Doesn’t Exist: Illegal Aliens Flee Sanctuary Cities for Native Countries

Border crossers and undocumented migrants are choosing to depart sanctuary cities in the United States, opting to return to their countries of origin. Interviews conducted by the Chicago Tribune reveal sentiments of regret among a significant number of the approximately 21,000 individuals who arrived in the sanctuary city of Chicago, Illinois.

Expressing disillusionment, one individual laid bare the sentiment that “The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore,” while lying on a blanket on the station’s floor before departure. As the Tribune emphasizes, migrants are recognizing the city’s strained resources, with shelters at capacity and resistance from some Chicago residents regarding the establishment of additional shelters.

Participants in this migration phenomenon, despite enduring arduous journeys and hardships, assert that the pursuit of reaching the United States was not worth the challenges faced. A notable quote underscores the unexpected difficulty of the process, with one individual stating, “We didn’t know things would be this hard. I thought the process was faster.”

According to the Tribune’s findings, organizations such as Catholic Charities are leveraging taxpayer funds from various states, including Illinois, Colorado, and Texas, to assist in relocating recently arrived border crossers and undocumented migrants to other regions. In Illinois alone, Catholic Charities is utilizing taxpayer resources to transport over 2,000 individuals to different states. Simultaneously, similar efforts by Catholic Charities in Colorado and Texas are facilitating the relocation of border crossers and undocumented migrants to Illinois.

This phenomenon extends beyond Chicago, as dissatisfied individuals are also emerging in other sanctuary cities. In New York City, newcomers expressed discontent with potential placements at the historic Floyd Bennett Field in southeast Brooklyn. The frustration stems from the lack of information about their destination, particularly impacting those with established work and education connections in specific boroughs.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat, has consistently highlighted the detrimental impact of illegal immigration on the city, warning of its overwhelming effect on outer borough neighborhoods.

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