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American Roamer Launches Dynamic Mapping Solutions-Interactive Coverage Maps Are No Longer for Large Players Only Dynamic, Interactive Maps Now Available to All Wireless Carriers

2008-03-31 11:00:00

American Roamer Launches Dynamic Mapping Solutions-Interactive Coverage Maps Are No Longer for Large Players Only

Dynamic, Interactive Maps Now Available to All Wireless Carriers

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE–( EMWNews – March 31, 2008) –

Note to editors:

Please join us at CTIA 2008 in Las Vegas where we will demo our Dynamic Mapping Solution. American Roamer’s booth number is: 619

American Roamer, (, a leading provider of mapping and information solutions to the telecommunications industry, launched its Dynamic Mapping Solutions (DMS). The offering is targeted specifically towards tier II and III telecommunications industry players as well as MVNOs, telematics vendors and logistics/supply chain organizations.

As a leader in mapping solutions, American Roamer’s Dynamic Mapping Solution presents your national coverage footprint to your subscribers in an easy-to-understand format right on your website. Easily customizable, the map’s display size is flexible and numerous search functions and features are easily added to the friendly interface.

American Roamer's Dynamic Mapping Solution offers numerous benefits to
wireless carriers:

- Quarterly updates are managed by American Roamer - coverage information
is always current.
- American Roamer serves maps instantly to your web site in real time on
request - therefore there's no need to maintain additional and costly
- The interface is customized with your logo, branding and identity.
- The solution is the fastest and most cost-effective way to integrate
dynamic mapping into your web site.
- High availability is ensured by American Roamer's fault-tolerant systems.
- Twenty years of tracking the wireless industry means coverage information
you can count on.


“The launch of our Dynamic Mapping Service is an important step forward, not only for the company, but more importantly for the wireless industry at large,” said Bryan Darr, President, American Roamer. “With twenty years expertise in providing mapping solutions for the wireless industry, we know the space better than anyone. Now for the first time ever, dynamic mapping is available to tier II and III players, needing to support their customer bases by ensuring they have access to the industry’s finest online coverage maps. Our solution is geared to be very affordable for those businesses that do not need to build their own in-house proprietary system.”

The solution:
- Displays one's service area interactively.
- Is able to zoom in and out depending on the scale required.
- Pans in eight directions or by click and drag.
- Is supported by all major web browsers.
- Displays coverage in varying colors signifying different service
offerings or levels of service.
- Functions as a valuable tool to your customer service and sales staff as
well as your subscribers.


American Roamer ensures one’s coverage patterns are kept current as it monitors inter-carrier agreements and carrier partnerships as the wireless industry continues to evolve and new transport technologies emerge. The service is also easily customized to show coverage maps for both one’s pre-and post-paid subscribers.

About American Roamer

Established in 1988, American Roamer offers products and services to established and emerging players in telecommunications by custom producing accurate and informative coverage maps as well as a broad range of solutions. The company’s products and services demonstrate tangible ROI and its reputation is built on this principle. American Roamer’s maps and on-line services are simple to read and easy to understand. For more information about American Roamer, please visit

For more information, please contact

Sacke & Associates Inc.
John Sacke
(416) 493-5723 ext 201
Email: [email protected]

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