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Aurora: Leading the Second Half of the Inscription Market

As early as December 2022, the Ordinals protocol was born, but at that time, it did not receive enough attention from the market. Only some early Alpha miners entered and conducted some gameplay exploration. Before March 2023, the main assets issued on it were NFTs. At that time, many players created many high-quality domain names. Nowadays, these domain names are sold at high prices, such as Kings.sats, with a registration fee of less than $2. Recently, they were sold for nearly $8000.


The blockchain itself has an unwritten agreement, that is, and early cultivators can receive very generous rewards. This agreement is even more important in the context of the inscription market that emphasizes the “First is first” rule.


The birth of ORDI further confirms this point.


On March 8th, domo released the Ordinals, and soon the market rushed in, and it was quickly done with minting. But after the mint was completed, the market was still confused and unsure of the purpose of this inscription, so the floor price has been hovering at the bottom.


It wasn’t until new whales kept entering that its value was gradually discovered, ultimately leading to a ten thousand fold myth.


However, observant players must have noticed a phenomenon that, according to the “First is first” rule, ORDI should always be the leader, regardless of its market cap or influence. But the later entrant Sats clearly did not fit this easily.


Sats, in less than half a year, fully proves that the leader of the inscription market should not be a subject that has never been applied.

the market of BRC-20


What is Sats?


There are 21 million Sats in total, each with 100 million copies, which means the total amount is 21 trillion. This is a very wonderful design. It should be noted that one Bitcoin is equivalent to 100 million sats, and the total amount of Bitcoin is 21 trillion sats. That means Sats pays tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin.


Sats is equivalent to fully binding the development of Bitcoin. The rise of Bitcoin will drive the asset value growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and due to base reasons, the growth of ecological assets is often several times that of Bitcoin.


Sats is the target that can best bear the dividends of the Bitcoin ecosystem under this logic.


This alone is not enough to surpass ORDI. Amazingly, the unit price of ORDI is high, and people who cannot onboard the ORDI will go to onboard the Sats.


What truly sets Sats apart is the application behind this inscription.


Firstly, it is the implicit platform currency of Unisat. Although the official does not claim that Sats is a Unisat platform currency, it is self-evident that Sats is used as a platform transaction fee.

In addition, Unisat is about to release the Bitcoin Layer 2 network in 2024, and Sats is being used as a platform currency.


The combination of multiple narratives and multiple empowerment has created today’s Sats.


From the above analysis, we can also see that the second half of the inscription market came at the moment when the market value of Sats surpassed that of Ordi.


Who will stand out in the second half of the inscription market?

In the first half, the sought after and hyped up inscriptions were all with meme attributes. But in the second half, there will be real landing and empowering inscriptions that will take off.


If the underlying logic is correct, then we need to search for targets in this direction, and we must try to enter as early as possible.


Aurora may be such a good target.



Aurora – the First RWA Equity PASS

Aurora is the world’s first Bitcoin computing power RWA concept equity pass, with a total of 1000 shares never issued, each existing in NFT form. Holding an Aurora pass means being one of Aurora’s earliest community members.

The team members graduated from universities such as Stanford and Berkeley and have worked for well-known institutions both domestically and internationally, such as DBS Bank, Microsoft, OKX, and Element. They have extensive experience and considerable knowledge in traditional finance, DeFi, NFTs, and other fields.


Aurora is committed to allowing PASS holders to fully enjoy the dividends of the bull market cycle and industry trendings, obtaining high alpha returns in the early stages of the bull market, and being able to achieve coin based compound interest through computing power NFTs, allowing community users to have ample chips throughout the entire bull market.


Holding Aurora Genesis PASS will result in a dual advantage of RWA and Bitcoin inscriptions. Combining the trendings and potential development of both is also a great way to seize the opportunity of the next bull market outbreak.



Aurora – Genesis PASS Benefits

Becoming an Aurora PASS holder is becoming one of Aurora’s earliest community members, also known as early co-builders.


The holder of Aurora PASS will be a symbol of identity and positioning in the on-chain world, and more importantly, holding Aurora PASS can maximize the benefits of NFT rise dividends, BRC20 inscription airdrop dividends, and the huge dividends brought by bull market cycles.


The specific equity holdings are as follows:

·Enjoy dividends from Bitcoin’s computing power gains

·Obtain subsequent Aurora community PFP (NFT with Bitcoin computing power) airdrops

·Obtain subsequent RWA concept inscription airdrop

·Pledge to obtain Points, consuming Points can earn various benefits

·Holding a PASS allows you to enter Aurora Club and obtain high-quality resources

·Obtain potential airdrops from partners


The future has arrived, the layout is waiting to be laid out

The market is gradually recovering. The birth of the Bitcoin Inscription is a powerful spark for the next bull market, as potential projects can be laid out early in the early stages of the bull market, allowing for greater returns at lower costs. And the future wealth code has already been revealed in the K-line direction of this small bull market, amidst the hustle and bustle of people.


Many people are only defeated by cognitive gaps and fear. Whether one can seize this opportunity with agility is the factor that distinguishes “Degen” from ordinary people.


I believe Aurora, which possesses the two major trendings of RWA and Bitcoin Inscriptions, will also bring us hope as its name suggests in the future.


Instead of holding back in the future, it’s better to map out now and welcome the arrival of the next fierce bull market before dawn.



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