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So many of us go through university with the hope that a degree will open doors for us where financial freedom is a possibility. However the reality of life makes us realize otherwise. After studying for four years towards a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English Linguistics I thought i was set for life however after applying for many jobs and not getting any responses this began to deeply depress me, I wondered where I had gone wrong and how on earth and whether I would acquire the job of my dreams or any job at all for that matter.

Due to the situation in Zimbabwe (where I am originally from) I saw that there was no seat for me at the table in terms of acquiring an occupation. Therefore I applied for different jobs in various countries, fingers crossed and full of hope. To my surprise someone noticed me and offered me a great occupation involving two of my favorite things; interaction and art! However for me to get to Cardiff where the job is situated i need to relocate from Zimbabwe to Wales and I unfortunately do not have the finances to put this move in motion.

I have estimated the costs to 1747 euro for my travel and my living costs for my first month till I earn something as well as my visa costs. If anyone is willing to assist me in anyway that is adequate I would highly appreciate it. Please note that no donation is too small and that i will forever be grateful to anyone who makes my dream a possibility, a reality. I’m hoping to move by the start of April 2019

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