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Best Baby Shower Gift Ever ‘BathTub Assistant’

2008-08-19 07:00:00

    BOISE, Idaho, Aug. 19 /EMWNews/ -- Judy Todd, the inventor of the

BathTub Assistant has just revolutionized the way we bathe our kids in a



    She wanted to make bath time a safer and more comfortable place for

Moms and their little ones.

    Anyone that has ever bent over a tub for any length of time knows how

difficult a task it is. The model we used in the photo for the BathTub

Assistant is 3 1/2 months pregnant. She spent over 4 hours using the

product doing various poses that demonstrated the advantages of The BathTub


-- Washing a Baby -- Washing a little Dog -- Scrubbing Blinds -- Washing long hair -- Cleaning delicates or bulky items -- Etc. Even with the rigorous work we put her through, right after the shoot was over she had enough energy to attend a wedding rehearsal and dinner. Most of us tire and our body is fatigued after leaning over the tub 10 to 15 minutes. Whether it's the knee pain or our back that gives away from the pressure of this awkward position our body is in. Wouldn't everyone like to have the energy that our pregnant model had after bathing their kids? We all have a story of how our little one got hurt while we were right there to protect them, and some of us have stories of how we (the bather) got hurt. My own personal story is, If only I had both hands free While giving my sixteen-month-old son a bath in the tub, he was busy playing with his boats and sponges, while I did the backbreaking chore of soaping him up and cleaning all his little crevices. I got extremely tired about one or two minutes into it, this is when I would start supporting myself with one hand and try to bathe my son with the other hand. This does not work very well, and proved to be very dangerous. So while my son is very soapy, and I'm exhausted, he reaches for a toy, I reach for him with my one hand, he slips around like a top and hits his eye bone on the side of the tub. He starts to cry, I start to cry, I rinse the soap off, I got him out of the tub, and yes, he has his first black eye. This would not have happened if only I had both hands free. The BathTub Assistant was invented so children wouldn't have to get black eyes, broken teeth, or any other types of injuries. I also feel it is very important for the bather to feel as safe & comfortable as possible. This has been a serious problem for much too long. I'm proud to say I've finally come up with the solution. More than 2.4 million grandparents are raising their grandchildren on a daily basis, according to AARP. Approximately 2 million more grandparents will not watch their grandchildren overnight because they have problems bending over the bath tub to give their grandchildren a bath.
The BathTub Assistant is the perfect gift for: -- To help first time Moms that may have body aches or pain from a C-section lean over the tub. -- This is an excellent baby shower gift for the Mom having her second or more children. -- Grandparents that bathe their grandchildren will love having this huge help. This is one of those products that are made to make life easier. The BathTub Assistant LLC is headquartered in Boise, ID. With our distribution center in Southern California. The BathTub Assistant was specifically developed to aid & assist loved ones with their daily activities around the bathtub. For more information, please visit or email Judy Todd at [email protected].

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