Beyond Algorithm Capital Announces Successful $78 Million Fundraising to Launch BA Crypto Fund

Beyond Algorithm Capital Announces Successful $78 Million Fundraising to Launch BA Crypto Fund

On February 1, venture capital firm Beyond Algorithm Capital officially announced the successful raising of $78 million to launch its new fund—BA Crypto Fund. This funding round was co-led and initiated by Beyond Algorithm Capital and ARK Invest, with participation from Arrington Capital, Ventures, Blizzard Fund, Hudson River Trading, Paradigm, Shima Capital, Polychain,Re7 Capital,Tenzor Capital,CoinFund,Hyperithm Co. Ltd, New Tribe Capital, Maven 11 ,Apache Software Foundation, Distributed Global ,Polychain Capital, among others. BA Crypto Fund aims to leverage this capital to delve into the potential of cryptocurrencies, invest in high-quality projects and teams, and build a globally leading crypto asset management platform.

BA Crypto Fund will focus on investing in the cryptocurrency market, conducting comprehensive evaluations of market trends, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis to select digital currencies with high growth potential and risk-reward ratios for prudent allocation and management. This approach is aimed at achieving stable asset appreciation. In-depth research and scrutiny of team backgrounds, technological innovation, business models, community engagement, and market competitiveness will guide the fund’s early-stage investments and incubation of the most valuable and promising cryptocurrency projects, sharing in the growth dividends of these ventures.

The professional core team of BA Crypto Fund consists of outstanding talents from Beyond Algorithm Capital, ARK Invest, and Grayscale Fund, who bring extensive experience in cryptocurrency investment and operations. They are skilled at in-depth analysis and assessment of various cryptocurrency projects and tokens, selecting the most valuable and promising investment targets, and establishing good cooperative relationships with project teams to ensure the accuracy and long-term value of investments. BA Crypto Fund will fully utilize its partners’ expertise and global networks to offer investors diversified, high-return, low-risk investment opportunities. This allows investors to partake in the rewards and outcomes of the cryptocurrency industry, contributing to the innovation and development of cryptocurrencies.


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