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BITBEST Global Summit Tour Vietnam will be launched soon

In today’s digital economy era, blockchain technology has become the cornerstone of the “Internet of value”, which maximizes the value of data through distributed storage systems, forms a new business model, and explores a wider variety of value transmission.  BITBEST is at the forefront of this change, committed to promoting blockchain technology innovation and business model reconstruction.

BITBEST is an aggregator of decentralized trading in the WEB3.0 space.  It provides crypto users with a decentralized trading platform for leveraged contracts, as well as a service for matching loans and loans.  Through its own development plan and trading technology strategy, it is carrying out the layout of global compliance trading market on both lines, and is committed to creating a new generation of digital asset trading business territory.

On December 24, 2023, BITBEST Global Tour Summit – Vietnam Station and Vietnam Operation Center will be held in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.  The conference will focus on BITBEST’s first ecological token SYCL, Bitbest-DEX and the establishment of Vietnam operation center.  At that time, BITBEST’s first ecological token SYCL will be officially released, and the important news of Bitbest-Dex will be announced, and the BITBEST operation center in Vietnam will be officially opened.

BITBEST’s first ecological token, SYCL, will be launched globally and DEX will be launched soon, which is an important milestone in BITBEST’s new journey.  As an emerging market in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has great development potential, and the official establishment of the Vietnam operation center marks that BITBEST is being widely recognized and accepted by followers around the world, and we have made an important step in this direction.

It is a high-end summit aimed at promoting the application and development of blockchain technology and digital currency.  There will be a series of wonderful speeches, seminars and exhibitions covering hot topics such as blockchain technology, digital assets, DeFi and NFT.  At the same time, BITBEST will also provide attendees with the opportunity to meet industry leaders face to face, promote cooperation and communication, and jointly explore the new situation of blockchain technology.

BITBEST invites global elites to participate in this event, to have a deeper understanding of the potential and opportunities of ecological token application in different fields, and to have a clearer understanding of the future development direction of BITBEST platform.  Together with us, we will promote the development of local blockchain industry and inject new vitality into Vietnam’s digital economy.

As a professional platform leading the development of decentralized finance, BITBEST is committed to providing users with more opportunities and values, realizing the global circulation and application of digital assets, and promoting the development of digital economy.  BITBEST Global Summit Vietnam will provide us with an excellent opportunity to discuss the future development direction of blockchain technology with industry leaders, experts and innovators from all over the world.  We will focus on the dynamic market of Vietnam to explore the opportunities and challenges.


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