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Bookkeeping Express Expands in Washington, D.C. Market

2008-08-13 09:29:33

Bookkeeping Express, which launched its franchising system in June 2008, has sold the rights to seven territories in the City of Washington, D.C. When these territories are built out, they will double the presence of Bookkeeping Express in the Washington area. The D.C. franchises will be operated by a group of local entrepreneurs who own five Intelligent Offices in the area.

The Bookkeeping Express Bookkeepers are insured and certified. They provide a unique service and a protection to our clients

McLean, VA (EMWNews) August 13, 2008 – Greg Jones, CEO of Bookkeeping Express Enterprises LLC, announced that the company has sold the franchise rights to seven territories within the Washington, DC, city limits to a group of local entrepreneurs.

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McLean-based Bookkeeping Express provides certified bookkeeping services to small businesses nationwide. The company launched a franchise system on June 16, 2008.

“Once we build out these territories, Bookkeeping Express will have doubled its presence in the metro Washington area,” said Jones. “This is just the beginning. Now that we are offering franchise opportunities, we are receiving a phenomenal number of inquiries and expect to grow regionally and then nationally at a very manageable pace.”

Bookkeeping Express tied for the #10 listing of locally-based franchises in the July 18, 2008, edition of the Washington Business Journal. The list ranks locally-based franchises by the number of metro-Washington-area locations. On the date of publication, Bookkeeping Express had seven area locations, tying with the Austin Grill, which was founded in 1988.

Bookkeeping Express opened its first corporate office in January 2008 at its headquarters in McLean and has added other corporate offices in Reston, Arlington, and Leesburg, Virginia; Rockville, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

On July 23, Bookkeeping Express signed an agreement with a group of local entrepreneurs trading under the name of Intelligent Bookkeeping. The owners, Rick Lowrie, Chris Keenan and Pramod Raheja, operate five Intelligent Offices in the metro Washington area. The Washington office of Intelligent Bookkeeping will be headquartered at Intelligent Office of Washington, 1425 K Street NW, Suite 350.

“By teaming with the local Intelligent Office owners, we are bringing value-added bookkeeping services to the small business community in Washington, DC,” says Jones.

“We are partnering with Bookkeeping Express to add to our services to small businesses,” says Lowrie. “This is a logical extension of the front-office services we offer our in-house clients and companies in the metro Washington area to help them grow their businesses. Bookkeeping Express is a perfect fit for the entrepreneur who wants to economically outsource their back office operations, which can take countless hours of the business owner’s time. It’s a time and quality issue. We free up the business owner’s time and provide a quality service.”

Bookkeeping Express leverages technology and a platform that has been in place for more than 20 years to maximize resources and reduce expenses. The business owner pays only for the services he/she uses, which could include any or all of the following:

1.Setting up Chart of Accounts and General Ledger

2.Monthly data entry

3.Processing and managing Accounts Payable and Account Receivable

4.Producing regular monthly reports

5.Tax reporting.

“The Bookkeeping Express Bookkeepers are insured and certified. They provide a unique service and a protection to our clients,” says Lowrie. “Often when you hire a bookkeeper, you have no idea of his/her training, certification or integrity. Bookkeeping Express puts its bookkeepers through a thorough corporate training program and they are certified by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeeping. They are available to clients online, by phone or in person.”

About Bookkeeping Express

Coming out of Northern California in 1987, Bookkeeping Express started out selling services to small businesses through a licensing model. There are 27 existing licensee locations across the United States. Three entrepreneurs in McLean, Virginia, purchased the business in the fall of 2007 and launched a franchise system in June 2008.

Bookkeeping Express has established partnerships with QuickBooks® to provide its electronic software platform, Automatic Data Processing, Inc., (ADP) to provide payroll services and the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers to oversee its training and certification program.

About Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office serves a client base of approximately 1000 small businesses in the metro Washington area. With locations in Arlington, Reston and Tysons Corner in Virginia, Rockville, Maryland, and downtown Washington, Intelligent Office provides business support services and executive phone service with a Remote Receptionist, which is especially attractive to home-based businesses and virtual companies.

For more information on their Intelligent Bookkeeping services, visit or call 202-587-5700.

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