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BP867 Protocol: The Revolutionary Force in BTA Protocol Ecosystem

In the Web3.0 world, protocols are crucial for building and developing networks. Among many protocols, BP867 protocol is undoubtedly more flexible and innovative compared to ERC7660 protocol. This is because BP867 protocol not only has a consensus period, but also its consensus period is adjusted with the expansion algorithm, forming a highly adaptive mechanism.

Firstly, lets look at ERC7660 protocol; this protocol applies to MEME. Since 2024 till today, 73% of the tokens in the top 100 by market value have not outperformed BTC, even Ethereums Solana has not. The top three that outperformed BTC are all MEMEs, with WIF increasing by 1700% and PEPE by 1000%. This round of MEME performance is completely superior to VCs various value coins, but MEME also has flaws:

(1) Too many targets: countless MEMEs are issued every day, making it impossible to filter;

(2) Quick turnover: sharp drop after a sharp rise, very short cycle, some 3 days, some 1 day, some even a few hours;

(3) Poor consensus: no consensus, will sell when the price rises;

ERC7660: A new token standard for memecoind, adding a consensus period on the basis of ERC20, and has passed the Ethereum Foundations pre-audit;


What is a consensus period?

Previously, when you bought 100 tokens, you would directly receive 100. When you buy ERC7660 tokens, they wont arrive immediately, they will be released linearly by second (it could take 5 days or even 7 days);


The significance of ERC7660?

When selling, tokens are released linearly, and full payment is made when purchasing. Through such a protocol, the projects cycle will be extended, and the resistance to token price increases will weaken;


However, the advantage of the BP867 protocol lies. In addition to the consensus period of ERC7660 protocol, it also introduces a unique mechanism – a consensus period adjusted according to the expansion algorithm. This means that during the price increase process, the consensus cycle will become longer; and during the price decrease process, the consensus cycle will become shorter. This design fully considers the volatility of the market, making the BP867 protocol capable of maintaining stable operation under various market conditions, showing extremely high flexibility.

In comparison, although the ERC7660 protocol also has its advantages, its consensus period is fixed and cannot self-adjust according to market changes, so it lacks flexibility to some extent.


When the market fluctuates dramatically, the ERC7660 protocol may face some challenges, while the BP867 protocol can better cope with this situation.


The design of the BP867 protocol is not just to cope with market fluctuations. More importantly, it will have a profound impact on the issuance of BTA. Due to its high flexibility and adaptability, the BP867 protocol can better meet the needs of BTA issuance, promoting a more robust and healthy development of the BTA Protocol. Moreover, because it can maintain stable operation under various market conditions, it may also attract more participants to join the BTA Protocol ecosystem.


In general, the BP867 protocol, with its unique design and flexibility, will undoubtedly play an important role in the BTA Protocol ecosystem.


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