Broken back been in hospital for 27 days GoFundME Booster

My father was headed to work and never made it, he had a seizure and blacked out and totaled his car. He broke his back and his T-11 & T-12 Vertebrae were fractured.. he has been in the Hospital for 27 days but has come home. He had a full back brace on and has a walker but still trying to learn how to walk again.

He goes to the doctor on October 31st to see about cement spine surgery.. He is a disabled Veteran but does not cover the days in hospital and only partial of the surgery coming.

His medical bills will be very high and etc Just ask anyone to help donate something thanks.

On August 12th my father left his Apartment to head to work but he never made it. He ended up going into a diabetic coma while driving and then had a seizure.

He totaled his car and broke his back and  T-11 and T-12  vertebrates fractured. He woke up in the hospital asking why is he here..

Very long road ahead of him, He has been in hospital/rehab for 27 days now

32800950_1536416132725231_r.jpegand finally came home on September 7th 2018. The medical bills are going to be really high even though he only has Medicare and does not treat surgery’s etc only certain things. Please share and donate whatever you can.. My father is well known in Louisiana for being a sportscaster for the New Orleans Saints and WWL he’s a great guy and just hope he recovers 100% one day soon.

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