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BugBan Plugins!
Smarter, All Natural, Non-Topical Mosquito Control. Let the Cool Breeze In, Mosquitoes Stay Out!

We’re revolutionizing bug repellents with our indoor mosquito repellent devices. BugBan plugs into a wall outlet, releases an all-natural pleasant (to you) fragrance that repels bugs, like mosquitoes. They’re 100% natural, DEET-free and a healthy alternative for you and the planet. They’re designed to keep mosquitoes outside where they belong.

Just plug in BugBan and get indoor harmless, non-topical protection for everyone in your family. There’s No phthalates, No DEET, No harsh chemical smells, No smoke, and No sticky mess. Now, when the sun’s up or the nights are long you can throw open those doors and let the cool air flow in without the annoying mosquitoes.

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