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Bybit CEO Charts Ambitious Course for Crypto Industry Growth and Adoption in Keynote Address

DUBAI, UAE – 11/01/2024 – (EMWNews) – At CryptoArk 2023, Bybit CEO Ben Zhou laid out an ambitious vision for the future of crypto in his eagerly anticipated keynote address. As a leading global crypto exchange, Bybit is committed to advancing widespread adoption of digital assets. Zhou highlighted Bybit’s monumental growth in 2022 and bold plans to shape the industry’s trajectory in 2023 and beyond.

Over the past year, Bybit has cemented itself as a top-three crypto derivatives exchange, reaching over 20 million users. The company executed an aggressive expansion strategy, launching 93 new products across spot, derivatives and institutional offerings. Bybit now supports 96 blockchain networks for deposits and withdrawals, providing unparalleled asset diversity.

Bybit has also prioritized global compliance efforts as part of its commitment to trust and transparency. In 2022, the company expanded into regulated markets in the UAE, South Africa and the Netherlands. According to Zhou, “Compliance enables us to provide customers worldwide with a legally robust and secure crypto platform.”

In addition to growth, Bybit focused on enhancing platform stability and user experience amidst 2022’s volatility. Bybit increased its capacity to handle extreme trading volumes and achieved 99% uptime. For 2023, Zhou announced ambitious plans to reach 1 million transactions per second.

On the product side, Bybit launched an enhanced unified account integrating spot and derivatives trading. New risk management features like perp protect and customizable collateral demonstrate Bybit’s focus on user security and choice.

Bybit also increased its institutional partnerships by 182% in 2022, with plans to further bridge traditional finance and crypto. Zhou highlighted new offerings like portfolio margin trading that amplify capital efficiency.

Zhou emphasized Bybit’s commitment to keep innovating, stating “We’re building a gateway to the crypto and web3 space.” He teased upcoming products aimed at fostering simplicity, openness and equality on crypto adoption’s frontier.

Bybit’s landmark keynote showcased its ambition and leadership in steering the crypto industry into the mainstream. Zhou and Bybit are charting a course toward a future defined by inclusive innovation and mass adoption of digital assets. By delivering robust products that solve real-world problems, Bybit aims to become the world’s definitive crypto ark.

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