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Capital Insight Partners: New Media, Sluggish Economy Call for New Strategies in Communication


Capital Insight Partners

2008-08-04 09:00:00

Capital Insight Partners: New Media, Sluggish Economy Call for New Strategies in Communication

CHICAGO, IL–(EMWNews – August 4, 2008) – Companies need to update their media strategies

to communicate with investors, analysts, and followers through new media

channels as well as the traditional press or risk allowing others to define


The key audience companies care about most still get information from

venerable names such as the Wall Street Journal, but more than a decade

after its rise the Internet still is a place where ill-informed and even

malicious sources can have a big voice.

If you are in a niche industry that doesn’t get a lot of coverage, imagine

the damage that can be done by one self-styled investment expert who either

doesn’t understand your market, or simply thinks a contrarian view is his

ticket to notoriety.

“Information, like power, abhors a vacuum,” said Anthony Burke Boylan,

media relations manager of Capital Insight Partners. “When you aren’t

telling your story loudly, clearly and to anyone who will listen, someone

else will be.”

This is especially true of micro- and small-cap companies, and particularly

in a troubled economy. No matter how clearly you state the health of your

balance sheet and the prospects of your business, a gloom-and-doom “expert”

always will attract an audience.

This is not always true online where there is no vetting and little if any

accountability of new media journalists and their sources.

Companies need a media-savvy consultant — someone with day-in, day-out

experience in the rapidly changing communications landscape; someone to

help them communicate consistently to their investors, analysts and

followers, through every channel possible. Not only will it allow you to

tell your story the right way, it will blunt the impact of any ignorant or

malicious sources.

For more information on “new strategies in communication,” please view

Capital Insight’s recently published white paper located at the below link:

Capital Insight Partners (, an investor relations,

financial communications and capital markets advisor, aids companies in

today’s landscape where outreach across a broad spectrum of channels has

become more important than ever.

By serving the full spectrum of investor relations and corporate financing

requirements for micro and small-cap corporations, Capital Insight Partners

helps build a growing, diversified shareholder base, resulting in contented

early-stage investors and improving its odds to obtain additional financing

should the need arise.

Anthony Burke Boylan

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