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My wife Cassandra is a wonderful woman who has always given more than she’s received. She’s raised two beautiful children, keeps the house going, and somehow still finds time for friends and family. In her spare time, what little she has of it, she enjoys writting and and often does editting work of other people. More often than not however, she does this for free.

For the past few years she’s wanted to attend the Authors Combat Academy but has not been able to go. One year she couldn’t leave the house due to an injury she suffered from a bad fall, another year we simply couldn’t take the time off to attend. But this year’s conference coming in 2018 is supposedly going to be the last time Authors Combat Academy is going to be held and if she’s not able to attend in the coming year then she will have missed out on int completely. It would mean a great deal to me and my family if anyone or everyone out there could help make this dream come true for my wife Cassandra.

The funds we are looking to raise will go towards transportation to and from the event, food and lodging, and entry fees for the event itself. As of right now the plan is to rent a car and drive to Nashville, Tennessee for the event. Exactly what accomodations we are going to be able to book will probably be determined closer to the actual event itself so, right now that’s a little up in the air, more updates and that to follow. The event, as I understand is not until March however, so that definitely gives us time to have everything ready.

We would be so grateful for any amount of help and support you could give towards helping my family and I take my wife on this trip. Even if you can’t donate towards our goal, if you could like and share this with everyone you know it would mean the world to us.

For more information on the Authors Combat Academy, visit their facebook page at