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On July 7th, while I was at work, seven children were sleeping when faulty wiring surged through our surge protector and burned a trail down the bar and exploded at the second from the last outlet. There were no smoke detectors, my landlord hadn’t replied to my request for it to be replaced. My eight year old Nina, woke up to smoke billowing across the ceiling. She woke up my Reesa (13) and they woke everyone else up so they got out safe, AMEN!!

There wasn’t any insurance, I was changing over and had the new people selected on my desk…waiting for lunch to pay it since I was brand new at the job (Not even two months) and didn’t want to use work time to pay it. My lunch is at 11:30. My daughter called me at 10:40. Six people were without a home instantly. Went to work with a house, came home early from a new job, to soot and melted memories. It was very emotional… But Nothing compared to seeing all of my kids and extra kids alive and outside on the grass asking for WiFi passwords LOL

I am asking for anyone who can help to please do so. My kids are so wonderful and they’ve endured alot over the past couple of years and this was just a bit much for everyone. Any prayers and assistance you can offer would be forever grateful and much appreciated! THANK YOU I lost the new job due to missed time from the fire. There were several different issues that had arose and had to be dealt with. Between all that was lost and now this… We need some blessings. thank you so much for your time as you read this. Prayers are priceless. thank you!

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