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Codenomicon Announces Next-Generation Security Testing Software With Unmatched Ability to Identify Flaws Before Products Ship DEFENSICS 3.0 Software Platform Finds More Critical Quality Issues F



2008-04-01 05:05:00

Codenomicon Announces Next-Generation Security Testing Software With Unmatched Ability to Identify Flaws Before Products Ship

DEFENSICS 3.0 Software Platform Finds More Critical Quality Issues F

SAN JOSE, CA and OULU, FINLAND–( EMWNews – April 1, 2008) – Codenomicon, Ltd. today

announced DEFENSICS 3.0, the third generation of its innovative security and quality testing platform that allows

networked product and service manufacturers and vendors to quickly identify

and fix flaws by catching the problems before their offerings ever reach

the market.

“It is clear that traditional testing processes continue to fail vendors

and their customers. News reports of security breaches and attacks that

cripple businesses and their reputations keep emerging and, frankly, many

end users have just had it,” said Ari Takanen, Codenomicon co-founder and

chief technology officer. “Our latest DEFENSICS test platform offers an

even faster, more effective way to expose and fix security-critical product

and service flaws before they harm customers’ businesses or compromise

consumer information. By using our tools, vendors can deliver better quality, reduce their time to

market and minimize or eliminate the need to patch or recall their

products, a key advantage as customers reward vendors that deliver superior


Unlike the appliance-based testing products, DEFENSICS is unique, because

it can be installed on any industry standard workstation computer, enabling

customers to build whatever test environment they want. The tools can be

run on carrier-grade, 64-bit multi-processor hardware with multiple 10G

network interfaces, resulting in unparalled processing power, or they can

be run on a tablet PC, enabling mobility of the test system. This key

advantage allows engineers and security specialists to test anywhere

instead of being restricted to a test lab environment.

The DEFENSICS platform can test anything that can be linked to the security

test computers through any type of wireless or wired connection. This makes

DEFENSICS 3.0 the most versatile platform available, since it can work with

more than 140 wireless and wireline network protocols and connections,

which is more than double the capacity of any other test product in the

same market.

The DEFENSICS platform and tools are based on highly detailed models for

each protocol that customers can easily customize for their specific needs.

The platform’s test tools come with pre-built test cases, which can be

modified and extended. These features, combined with Codenomicon’s flexible

software-based platform, make the tests easy to integrate and maintain in

any test environment.

DEFENSICS includes built-in intelligence to ensure each test on the most

aggressive model-based fuzzing tests, requiring minimal design effort from

the customer. The platform’s integrated test automation and advanced target

monitoring functions enable DEFENSICS to monitor the health of any targeted

system, from network equipment to mobile phones, to identify any weak

points, failures and flaws with pinpoint accuracy.

Compared to less evolved tools, DEFENSICS applies a systematic testing

methodology that tracks any found flaw back to the specific malicious input

or attack that exposes the weakness. As flaws and weaknesses are revealed,

DEFENSICS captures the test results in explicit detail, which allows the

engineer to quickly diagnose and correct code failures. In addition, all

DEFENSICS-based tests can be fully repeated, which makes the platform ideal

for regression testing and problem reproduction by trusted third parties.

Products and services that can be tested using the DEFENSICS suite include

most enterprise and consumer software, network appliances, consumer

electronics devices, telecommunications systems, and wireless handsets and


An overview on DEFENSICS 3.0 and its new features is available at

About Codenomicon Ltd.

Codenomicon makes security and quality testing software that allows you to

quickly find and identify known and previously unknown flaws before

business-critical products or services are deployed. Our unique, targeted

approach to fuzz testing of networked and mobile offerings exposes more

flaws and weaknesses than any other testing platform. Companies rely on us

to stop the threats that increase liability, destroy business reputations

and cripple sales. For more information, visit

Codenomicon Media Contacts:

Scott VanSickle
The Hoffman Agency
+1 408 975 3084

Michael Wolf
Avon Business Communications Ltd.
+44 7841 921311 (mobile)

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