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County Commissioner Candidate Ron Beaty Calls Out Mark Forest on Local PFAS Contamination

Ronald Beaty, Candidate for Barnstable County Commissioner, Calls Out Commissioner Mark Forest for Misleading Public on Local PFAS Contamination

Barnstable Town, Massachusetts Jun 27, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – Ronald Beaty, Republican candidate for Barnstable County Commissioner, today criticized Commissioner Mark Forest for his recent inaccurate portrayal of the PFAS contamination at the former Barnstable County Fire and Rescue Training Academy (FTA). 

“Commissioner Forest’s recent statements during an interview with Cape Cod Broadcasting in Hyannis have misled the public on the severity and scope of the contamination,” said Beaty.

“Moreover, the current process has failed to adequately address the health risks and environmental impacts. It’s time for an amended approach that prioritizes transparency, accountability, and community engagement.”

Beaty highlighted the deficiencies of the current process, including:

– Inadequate site assessment and remediation plan
– Lack of community engagement and input
– Insufficient health monitoring and support for those exposed
– Inadequate long-term monitoring and maintenance
– Non-compliance with regulations and failure to explore innovative technologies
– No plan to prevent future contamination

Beaty outlined key measures to mitigate these deficiencies:

– Conduct thorough site assessments to identify all contaminated areas and water sources
– Develop a comprehensive remediation plan, including soil excavation, groundwater treatment, and surface water management
– Establish a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to provide a platform for feedback and input
– Host regular public meetings and open houses to share updates and address concerns
– Conduct epidemiological studies to assess potential health impacts on firefighters, personnel, and nearby residents
– Provide medical monitoring and support services, including blood testing and health screenings
– Develop a long-term monitoring plan, including regular testing and maintenance for at least 30 years
– Establish a network of monitoring wells and surface water sampling locations
– Implement an adaptive management approach, adjusting the monitoring plan as needed based on new data
– Ensure data transparency and accessibility through online platforms and public reports

Beaty’s approach prioritizes transparency, accountability, and community engagement to ensure a comprehensive and effective solution for the local PFAS contamination.

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