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Hello, so I heard some people saying that I don’t deserve go fund me or that im trying to scam people. honestly that’s the farthest thing from the truth i given more money away to help people pay there rent,keep there electric.taken them to festivals shows. I lived in my moms attic for a year with 30 dollars a week to live on cause she had cancer i have two bullets in my leg cause i dont have the 20,000 for the surgery i have been the person to turn to when someone needs help for years now and now i need help is that so wrong i see a way to make good money and a way to help my friends make good money i just cant do it without a boost and it makes me sick to watch other people do what i know i can do better when all i need is a little bit of help from all the people i have helped my entire life. If you can’t afford to help I understand but please pass the word and comment on how i’ve helped you throughout the years. If you don’t want to help please keep your comments to yourself because I’m sure if you really needed help i would be there in a heart beat so im asking one more time if i ever truly helped you in your life at least share with everyone how i did thank you very much and i love all of you that have and will help and even those who don’t One/2!!!!!!!!