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My name is Dr. Rick Wallace, I am the Founder & CEO of The Visionetics Institute, an organization that is dedicated to assisting individuals in reaching their optimal state of performance in every aspect of their lives. I have spent the last 28-plus years mastering the scientific disciplines associated with human behavior and human performance with it all culminating in a performance concept I called Visionetics — the holistic approach to living life at the level of your design.

Welcome to the world of Visionetics!
Over the last 28 years, I have invested thousands of hours or research, study and observation into learning how people move and operate in the world, as well as how the world and the universe respond to humans. I have mastered multitudinous disciplines that include:

Psychology (Including cognitive therapy and cognitive control and mastery)
Neuro-linguistic Programming
Neurological Remapping (Neuro-sculpting)
Quantum Physics
Spiritual Healing (Optimizing energy frequency and vibration)
and more…
Over the course of my life, I have launched and brought to profitability 47 companies, written and published 19 books (Currently finishing book #20, Critical Mass: The Phenomenon of Next Level Living!

Taking Visionetics to the Next Level
My goal is to scale out the work that I have been doing with individuals and make it more accessible to a broader audience. Which includes

The design and digitization of courses that mimic the work I do with my clients
The Critical Mass Event (a 3-day, 30-hour energy packed, life-changing event to be held at least semi-annually
A year-long course for those seriously committed to changing their lives for ever (in business, marriage, parenting, community impact and more)
The rebranding and marketing associated with the massive shift in hour my product will be delivered
The Impact
I have been immensely successful in helping individuals uncover and define their life’s passions, desires, visions, dreams, and all of the associated goals — then help them refine themselves (starting with a shift in their thinking) to become the person they need to be in order to have the things they want to have. I tell people all of the time, we do not get what we say we want, we get who we are and what we become. If you want to change what you are getting, you must change who you are — becoming what is required to have that thing you say you want.

The expansion of my reach and the refining of my capacity to deliver my services to a wider audience will result in helping more people in every aspect of life, including:

Improved self-image
Raised self-esteem and self-confidence
Clarifying and defining their visions and dreams
Improving their relationships (Including marriages, parenting, friendships, and more…)
Launching successful businesses
Reaching financial independence and financial freedom
Achieving total equilibrium (mind, body, soul, and spirit)
Finding inner-peace and fulfillment
and more…

Risks & Challenges
As with any business endeavor, there are inherent risks involved, and I have done my best to marginalize the risks associated with scaling out my services. The greatest risk I face now is a deficit in the necessary capital to bring the scale out full-circle. Up until now, I have literally grown my businesses internally through the revenue generated; however, the massive scaling I am speaking of will require an injection of capital that is not readily available.

There is also the common risk of losing money. The business I have received to this point as being obtained through a highly organic process of satisfied clients referring family and friends, so while I have been very successful in building marketing campaigns in the past, this will be the first time I have used a committed marketing strategy and model to promote the business — it simply has not been necessary until now.

Fortunately, all of the techniques I used are proven strategies that work when they are applied, so my success rate is above 98.6 percent, with everyone who completed the program achieving massive progress. The only failures have been those who fail to finish the program.

The Visionetics Institute and The Critical Mass Phenomenon has the capacity to change the lives of a lot of people who simply do not have access to me and my work.

Your contributions can help make this vision a reality and help to empower thousdands to begin living life at the level of their design.