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David R. Millier AU & AG MINING LLC GoFundME Campaign


My name is David R. Millier  I am 54 and tired of working for someone else. I currently work and live in Williston, ND.

I have tried to get funding through traditional methods, all banks and institutions reject the application for funding, because my business is in the Yukon.

I am registered with The State of North Dakota, Certificate of Organization as         AU & AG MINING LLC. The Department Of The Treasure – IRS has issued an EIN.

I am going to drive this company right into the ground, all the way to bedrock.

I own 100% mineral rights to 24 gold claims on Laura Creek in the Yukon, just outside of Dawson City, right in the heart of the Klondike Gold Fields, the same place were ” Gold Rush ” is filmed on the Discovery Channel.

My season for mining starts March 15 – September 15 each year. The funds will be used for help paying off a Caterpillar 314 just purchased, access to claims, fuel for the season and further testing by drilling.

All licenses / permits are in place and active to start mining for gold / silver from these claims. I have all ready purchased a small washplant for processing the paydirt.  I have currently invested over $ 260,000  cash  – purchasing the claims, hired a geologist, previously testing, trips from states, washplant and all terrain vehicle.

The photo is a sample of gold recovered from Laura Creek.  This is not just some wild and crazy scene.  I have serious money invested in this.

I have not even been to these claims in a 1 1/2 years, because a beaver dam has flooded the access road.

They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket, – diverse – well this my retirement  – nest egg, I can’t help no one unless I get a little help.   I believe there is more than $ 50 million in GOLD / SILVER in these claims.

So it’s not just about me,   I will donate  at least 1 million dollars to gofundme campaigns from the gold recovered, so their promises, ideas, aspirations and dreams can come too.



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Media Contact
David R. Millier
eMail: [email protected]
Telephone: (850) 376-5197
Website: https://www.gofundme.com/au-amp-ag-mining-llc

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