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Defrag for High Capacity Servers: The Power to Get Up That Hill


Diskeeper Corporation

2008-07-24 13:41:00

Defrag for High Capacity Servers: The Power to Get Up That Hill

BURBANK, CA–(EMWNews – July 24, 2008) – Picture this: You’re driving a truck that is

loaded to capacity. The load has to be delivered on time, or you don’t get

paid. Suddenly you’re confronted with a long upwards hill — and as you

shift into low gear, a knot forms in your stomach as you realize your load

may be too heavy to get up and over that rise. Sure enough, your worries

aren’t unfounded; about halfway up the steep incline, the truck’s engine is

running full-out, gears are grinding, and that truck is going absolutely


Trucks and engines are rated for the loads they are pulling. If a truck is

loaded within the parameters of what it is rated to handle, it should have

no problem getting over such a hill. But if it isn’t, you find yourself in

the position above, usually at a time when you can least afford it, like

the middle of the night.

Unlike trucks and their engines, defrag engines were not labeled until

recently with the sizes of disk they could defragment, and many still are

not. It was a “one defragmenter fits all” type of scenario. Unfortunately,

disk capacities have continued to grow until they have become gargantuan in

order to accommodate the enormous amount of data and large files found in

today’s computing environments. Most defragmenters, however, have not been

made more powerful to keep pace — and running them on today’s server

drives much of the time yields results that range from woefully incomplete

to none at all. The defrag engine

is just not powerful enough.

It was for this reason that Diskeeper Corporation developed the Terabyte

Volume Engine (TVE) for their Diskeeper® Enterprise Server edition. TVE is

the only defrag technology with the

necessary horsepower to eliminate the rapid fragmentation build-up that

occurs in high-traffic volumes that handles millions of files. The greater

the number of files and fragments on a volume, the more dramatic TVE’s

benefits will be. In a class of its own, TVE makes real-time enterprise

server defragmentation a reality.

Additionally, most enterprise servers are running 24×7, and scheduling

defragmentation is simply not an option. Diskeeper utilizes its proprietary

InvisiTasking® technology to defragment whenever and wherever possible,

using only otherwise-idle resources. Scheduling is never required, there is

never a negative performance hit from defragmentation, and system

performance and reliability are always maximized.

Just like you would make sure your truck could handle a heavy load up a

steep grade, make sure your defragmenter can handle rough and tough server


Colleen Toumayan
Email: [email protected]

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