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Devicescape Improves User Experience to Build Markets for Service-Enabled Devices



2008-07-17 14:40:00

Devicescape Improves User Experience to Build Markets for Service-Enabled Devices

Service Providers, Device Makers, Network Operators and Consumers Benefit From Seamless and Secure Connections at Home, Work and Hotspots Worldwide

SAN BRUNO, CA–(EMWNews – July 17, 2008) – Wireless networks have proliferated in

businesses, homes and in the public; in fact, by the end of 2008, more than

200,000 public hotspots will be deployed and nearly every major business in

developed countries will have a wireless network. But difficulties

connecting non-laptop devices to these networks continue to stymie market

growth and business profitability. The connectivity hurdle also affects

consumer uptake of these devices and the services they can connect with.

Simplifying the consumer experience and access has been shown to

dramatically increase usage. The simplicity of the iPhone serves as a case

in point: Google reports that 50 times more searches originate from the

iPhone than any other mobile handset.

Bearing in mind that the mobile phone is the most personal, most

interactive and most frequently used device of all time, demand for and use

of service-enabled devices is growing at an unprecedented pace. These

devices require ease-of-use, interoperability with Web-based services, a

high level of security and multimedia quality of service. With an estimated

2 billion interactive devices currently sitting in the pockets of

subscribers worldwide, device makers can’t afford not to meet these

requirements. Consider the following:

--  Smartphone penetration is up to 15.3 percent in some countries, with

    Italy leading the way.  Owners of these devices have a relatively high

    propensity to use high-bandwidth services such as mobile music, photo

    messaging and mobile video, but are also avid users of applications that

    are less demanding on the network, namely e-mail, game downloads and

    browser usage.


--  The EU's mobile data market grew by 40 percent to 7 billion euros in

    2007 as operators invested more than 20 billion euros in enhancing their

    mobile networks and services, according to research by Wireless

    Intelligence and consultancy AT Kearney for the GSMA, the global body for

    the mobile industry.


--  Social networking and Internet commerce are compelling smartphone

    users to spend an average of four hours and 38 minutes per month browsing

    the mobile Web in the United States and two-and-a-half hours per month in

    Britain, reports M:Metrics, the mobile media authority.


Devicescape Software’s solutions dramatically increase ease of access —

without sacrificing security. In fact, Devicescape’s solutions allow

service-enabled devices to connect seamlessly and securely at home, work

and hotspots worldwide. With Devicescape, device manufacturers worldwide

rely on the company’s integrated suite of products to develop new and

innovative service-enabled devices. Additionally, service providers and

network operators leverage Devicescape to deliver and manage

revenue-generating services across a broader and more varied set of

end-user devices. For consumers, owning a device with Devicescape embedded

in it means they have faster, easier access to all online services and

content available: Service-access everywhere.

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BOCA Communications
Kathleen Shanahan

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