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Dezmon Accident Recovery Fund GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

On October 9th 2018 my wife received a phone call from our daughter boyfriend saying that they had been in an car accident. My wife said she knew our daughter was hurt bad because she could hear her crying and moaning in the background.

I was at PT when I got the call from my wife telling me what happened. I rushed to the scene of the accident which was close by our subdivision. My baby was inside the car crying while I was holding her hand and telling her that she will be alright. She was scared. My wife was already there when I got there. We tried to comfort our baby as best as we could. When rescue finally got her ready to transport her to the hospital they told us she would be air lifted to USA Trauma Center.

When rescue got to the hospital she had a seizure and had to be put under. We were on our way to the trauma center when we received a call to come back to Garden park because they were unable to air lift her at that point because of the seizure. Once she was stable she was able to be sent to the trauma center.

We were there for 20 days. Those were the hardest 20 days of our lives. During those days we were told so many things:
– there’s nothing they could do
– no surgery
– she wasn’t gonna make it
– even told by one nurse practitioner that when she looked in her eyes she didn’t see anything and that if we took her off the ventilator she would go quickly. Could not believe what I was hearing.




They asked us what we wanted to do because it was nothing else they could do. All medications were stopped. We told them we wanted to trach and peg her, which they did and then next day she began to respond to pain initiate her own breaths and both eyes responded to light GOD IS GOOD WHEN MAN SAY NO GOD SAIDS YES.

A few more days past and we moved to another hospital to get her off the ventilator. Again we were told she would probably be on a ventilator forever if she made it at all. Once again GOD STEPPED IN , they were able to get her off the ventilator speech was able to get her to swallow and mouth words. Physical therapy was able to get her to show signs of movement within a little over a month. And now she is able to be at a hospital that specializes in TBI INJURIES in Georgia. To all families with love ones that experience this type of injury have patience and time focus on the good not negative. Doctors said Dezmon had a major brain injury and she is doing what doctors from the beginning of her journey said she wouldn’t. Families stand by your patient we are here for her as a family her parents, sisters, nieces and nephew that’s the best thing they can have is love and support. Dezmon dream is to be a physical therapist attending MILLSAPS COLLEGE and she was doing everything to make that happen there’s just been a bump in the road. ONE DAY SHE WILL GIVE HER TESTIMONY TO OTHERS .

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For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/dezmon-recovery-fund

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