Disabled FF/EMT needs help GoFundME Campaign

My name is Jaslyn, and my dad really needs your help. My dad is Kevin Harkness, and he has spent his entire life serving others, and now he needs some help. He started his career of public service as a Firefighter in 1993 before joining the Marines in 1996, after serving his country he returned to New Mexico and went right back to being a volunteer firefighter and serving as an EMT. during his career he had multiple injuries and had multiple surgeries.

He was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos (EDS) syndrome in 2009 and he was forced to retire because of the injuries and pain associated with the EDS and was forced to go on social security due to the disability.

My dad is now needing multiple surgeries to try to get his life back to somewhat of a normal, but having to pay the 20% of the medical expenses and the associated costs is way too much to handle. to make it harder for him is the fact that he has to travel to the east coast to find a surgeon that is willing to even do the surgeries due to the EDS.

He is even in the process of selling his house and has moved into a camper trailer to be able to pay for one of the surgeries to his heart. My dad has done so much damage to his body serving others that I truly hope we can get together and help him now so he can play with his granddaughter again without so much pain, and to keep him around as long as we can.

Thank you for any support you can give.