DNC Releases New Web Ad: ‘Tainted’

2008-08-15 06:29:00

 Video Highlights McCain's Desperate Decision to Raise Money With Abramoff


    WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 /EMWNews/ -- The Democratic National

Committee today released a new web ad called "Tainted" that highlights John

McCain's decision to raise campaign cash with one of the central figures in

the Republican culture of corruption.


    While McCain brags on the campaign trail about his role in

investigating criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff, his campaign has enlisted

one of Abramoff's top cronies to help raise money. According to reports,

scandal-plagued Republican activist Ralph Reed -- a central figure in the

pay-to-play scheme led by Abramoff -- is touting himself as a member of

McCain's Victory 2008 team and soliciting campaign contributions. Despite

calls from independent watchdog groups to cancel the fundraiser, McCain is

apparently desperate to raise money to pay for more false and misleading

attack ads. As the ad notes, "while most people now see Ralph Reed as a

tainted man raising tainted money, John McCain sees him as a source of

campaign cash."

    The new web ad comes on the same day Congressman Henry Waxman is

scheduled to call for McCain to cancel Monday's August 18th fundraiser in


    DNC Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement on the McCain

raising money with Reed:

    "John McCain's willingness to raise tainted money from tainted

Republicans like Ralph Reed shows he still doesn't understand that calling

yourself a reformer doesn't make you one. Each new report sheds new light

on McCain's willingness to fuel his campaign by cozying up to key figures

in the Republican culture of corruption. Despite all of his rhetoric about

reform, the truth is John McCain simply cannot be trusted to bring change

to Washington politics."

    To see a copy of the DNC's new video "Tainted," click here:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvXcY-u7MJM .

DNC Web Ad: "Tainted" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvXcY-u7MJM Script VOICEOVER: "On the campaign trail, John McCain claims that he fought to expose Jack Abramoff and his corrupt cronies ... " MCCAIN: "And I led the investigation." VOICEOVER: "It was a scandal that rocked the country, linking all the way to the Bush White House and Republicans in Congress, sending two former Republican Congressmen to prison. "But, now, desperate to raise campaign cash to run more negative attack ads, John McCain is cozying up to Jack Abramoff's cronies. "Ralph Reed, a key business partner of Jack Abramoff helped the convicted former Republican lobbyist launder 2 million dollars through a front group to finance a gambling campaign. "Now, Ralph Reed has signed up to raise money for John McCain. Reed has even been appointed to McCain's Victory 2008 Team. "Ralph Reed's murky connections to Jack Abramoff run so deep, it cost him a race for Lt. Governor in Georgia. "While most people now see Ralph Reed as a tainted man raising tainted money, John McCain sees him as a source of campaign cash. "John McCain - more of the same old politics." Paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee, http://www.democrats.org . This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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