Don’t let this picture fool you GoFundMe Campaign

Hello my community and thank you for taking a moment to find out about my campaign. This is an older picture of me and the smile can be deceiving. Underneath that smile is now an empty mouth. When I became a widow not only did I lose my husband but I also lost all access to health insurance. I am currently on disability and that will be ending soon. I am preparing to start interviewing for my new job but first I have some dental issues that I need taken care of. I have an eating disorder that has claimed all my teeth. I am in need of a complete set of dentures. Uppers as well as lowers. I am really looking forward to starting this need chapter in my life but need some help to get there. My main goal is to smile with confidence. Please consider helping with my cause. Every little bit helps me to get that much closer to achieving my goal. Thank you!


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