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My real name is Robert M Castro, born in Somerville, NJ. I was born premature and very small for my age when I was kidnaped. My parents were my only family at that time. My mother is Doris Duke born in Somerville, NJ. My father is Joseph Castro born in Spain. They are only two years apart in age and teenagers when I was born. My mother’s father and grandfather both died in Somerville, NJ. That’s four vital records that the state of New Jersey denies are there. This is why I need a high profile Attorney.

My mother’s Property in Honolulu is three tax lots now combined with her neighbor who is Doris Duke born NY, NY. Now it’s five acres and a Hoax Museum. This is why I need a high profile Attorney.

There are four other wealthy Doris Duke estates in Somerset County, NJ. Someone has combined all six as a seventh false Doris Duke. This is why I need a high profile Attorney.

I received a No Record Certificate of my birth from New Jersey with my first, middle, ?, last name. When I called and said the computer thinks the ? is a middle initial I was told, no that’s asking the computer a question if that’s your middle name. That’s a lie, that is not how computers work. I contacted Somerville for the written records, then I remembered it was reported late. The official searched the records and said, no record, she searched a little before and a little after. That’s not proper for a record reported late. This is why I need a high profile Attorney.

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