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DormAid Unveils CareerPrep Service

2008-07-14 10:36:00

DormAid Unveils CareerPrep Service

          A High-Touch, High-Impact Service by Ivy League Trainers

                 Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

       New Service Allows Parents to Monitor their Student's Progress

    NEW YORK, July 14 /EMWNews/ -- DormAid, a nationally-recognized

college services company, launched today CareerPrep, its latest service

designed to help students secure great internships, jobs, and graduate

school admissions. CareerPrep is a highly customized, fun, and

sophisticated program that brings a brand new approach to career planning.

The service is available nationwide and can be accessed at

    CareerPrep accommodates all students no matter their age or level of

career development. It is offered as a semester based subscription and is

based on a customizable syllabus. With CareerPrep, students receive

assistance across all aspects of the job process, including polishing

resumes and cover letters, setting up a job search process, reaching out to

firms, preparing for interviews (including important reading lists),

obtaining and evaluating offers, and leveraging their experience for

optimal job offers.

    CareerPrep Trainers are Ivy leaguers and MBA graduates who have

recently gone through the same process and are in a prime position to offer

expert advice to college students.

    "Career planning under the guidance of highly successful recent

graduates is a brand new concept," said Michael Kopko, CEO of DormAid.

"CareerPrep is designed to stand out from college career offices and other

career counseling services with its high-touch, high-impact approach. Our

goal is to provide a 'fun' but an extremely 'systematic' approach to career

planning so that students feel compelled to stick to the program and work

toward their specific career objectives.'"

    Joe Charalel, a student from Columbia University, who piloted the

program says, "DormAid trainers not only helped me revamp my resume and

cover letter but more importantly, their assistance and guidance also

ensured that I make the best out of my meetings and interactions with

potential employers, all of which led to increased confidence and more

clearly defined objectives."

    DormAid CareerPrep service has three unique features:

    1) Ivy League Trainers - All customers are paired with Ivy League

trainers to help them through the career process. DormAid's Trainers are

young professionals and provide students with a "cool" person whom has

reached the highest echelons of performance. Trainers have experience in

investment banking, law school, private equity, venture capital, and other

rewarding post-graduate fields that aspiring undergraduates seek out.

    2) Money Back Guarantee - Customers will have the option of enrolling

in DormAid's money back guarantee program which refunds customers who do

not receive an internship, job, or admission to a graduate program.

    3) Parent Tracking Feature - For parents who want to stay on top of the

CareerPrep process, DormAid offers access to its CareerTracker so parents

can have peace of mind that their child is on track with his/her program

and whether s/he is receiving the quality service guaranteed by DormAid.

    About DormAid:

    DormAid is a nationally-recognized college services company that offers

a variety of services to help students at over 1,800 colleges and

universities nationwide. Current service offerings include: personal

laundry service, room cleaning service, water delivery, dorm room bedding,

appliances, health food delivery, and computer back up services. DormAid

has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA

Today, MSNBC, Fox News, and Comedy Central, as well as various other local

and national media outlets. It has been published in numerous books and

publications and has received accolades from the GSEA organization. Visit or call 1-888-4-DORMAID for additional information.

Contact: David McNamee MWW Group 646-215-6898 [email protected]

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