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Dr. Smoothie’s Announces New Amino Sport Beverage Line that will Revitalize and Re-energize Your Body

2008-08-05 02:00:00

Dr. Smoothie’s Announces New Amino Sport Beverage Line that will Revitalize and Re-energize Your Body

Established in 1997, Dr. Smoothie Brands has a wide range of award-winning smoothie products, including 100% Crushed Fruit Smoothie Puree Concentrates. Café Essentials specialty gourmet beverages as well as a complete line of whole food nutritional supplements, bars and powdered beverage mixes. For more information visit Dr. Smoothie online or call 888-466-9941.

Fullerton, CA (EMWNews) August 5, 2008 — Working out or playing sports can be hard on the body and muscles no matter what phase of life. After 30 minutes of exercise, the next twenty-four hours is crucial for the recovery of the muscles. Dr Smoothie, award-winner and creator of healthy, natural products, have always developed products with the consumer’s good health first in mind.

Increase your energy and endurance with Amino Hydrate™. Containing important essential electrolytes, Hydrolyzed Collagen and targeted amino acids, Dr Smoothie’s formula will help rebuild damaged connective tissue and maintain energy levels during any workout.

Amino Repair™ containing Hydrolyzed Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid has the essential building materials needed for connective tissue, cartilage, skin repair and hydration. Amino Repair also helps reduce inflammation, while it hydrates, repairs micro, macro tears in connective tissue, joints and assists in recovery from injuries.

The body needs critical recovery and rebuilding nutrients immediately after any workout or sports event. The faster the body can assimilate these nutrients the more positive effect it has on the body. Amino Recovery™ contains PeptoPro® and essential electrolytes. PeptoPro is a hydrolyzed casein protein that is immediately absorbed and assimilated by the body, saving valuable time in your recovery process.

Blended with water, juice or a smoothie, these collagen protein beverages will set a course for a healthier lifestyle.

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