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My friend Nik and I are 17 years old and still in high school, we both maintain above 4.5 GPA’s and we both have jobs that we have held for almost a year, however these jobs only cover basic things like food, gas and car payments.

We have been getting into cars more and more recently having gotten our licenses a little over a year ago.

We’ve decided we want to take our interests a step further and attempt to turn an old Craigslist BMW (e30, e36) into a drift build.

We aren’t looking to do anything crazy in the beginning, just an upgraded clutch, welded diff, a fully stripped interior and some cheap coil overs.

We plan on rebuilding the engine with OEM parts and gaskets (Rods, Pistons, Bearings, etc.), putting on a new timing belt, water pump. alternator, etc. to get the car running good and reliable before we beat on it.

All of the work will be done by us because the main goal of this build is to learn more about cars.

By donating to this fund you’re helping a couple of broke high school kid’s dreams come true.


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