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Eagle 1 Resources Develops a New Procedure to Investigate Railroad Lease Agreements and Railroad Permitting Fees to Save Money

2008-07-15 06:45:00

AUBURN, Ala.–(EMWNews)–Eagle 1 Resources in

Auburn, Alabama, a strategic planning and subsurface engineering firm,

has developed a step by step procedure to investigate and determine the

true ownership of any railroad right of way. Eagle 1 Resources has

worked with previous clients to investigate and determine the true

ownership of the property presently being utilized by the railroads.

This new procedure will allow any municipality, land developer, or

utility owner to address railroad crossing concerns and remove any

permitting fees and/or annual rental agreement fees that are not valid

under the law. However, safe railroad crossing installations continue to

be a top priority with this new procedure. Safety will not be

sacrificed. This new investigation procedure could save individual

companies and municipalities thousands of dollars per year.

Eagle 1 Resources presently has over twenty (20) years of research to

authenticate any railroad land ownership issues and assist with the

removal of annual railroad crossing rental fees and/or railroad crossing

permit fees. This research has extended back to the mid 1800s

during the growth of the railroad community and the government land

grants provided to the railroads during this expansion era. A right of

way does not give the railroads ownership of the land. If the railroad

does not own the property, the railroad does not own the rights to

require crossing permit fees and/or annual rental payments.

Potential utility customers and revenue producing developments need to

be reevaluated These potential projects, that were cost prohibitive from

service due to railroad crossing fees or permit application fees, may be

feasible after applying this new procedure. This reevaluation could be

extremely beneficial to governmental leadership, municipal planners,

utility engineers, utility operators, and land developers. If you are a

city manager, a member of city leadership, or a utility operator, this

new procedure could save you money by removing existing railroad lease


If your company is interested in pursing this new investigative

procedure, please contact Dave Thomas at Eagle 1 Resources to secure a

copy of the Railroad Investigation CD for your review. Additional

information is shown under the Railroad Issues section of the Web site.

The Web address for Eagle 1 Resources is

Eagle 1 Resources
Dave Thomas, 334-887-0328
[email protected]
[email protected]

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