Efani is a cellular carrier focused on preventing SIM swap attacks. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Tracfone and US Mobile – are susceptible to SIM swap scams efani Partner TheNFG.com

efani $5 Million Crypto Insurance Unlimited Calling Plan

San Francisco, CA November 9, 2021 (EMWNews) Every day people fall victim to scammers & hackers and the fallout can be intense.

Imagine your life savings vanishing in the space of a few minutes, your Bitcoin or Crypto being stolen, having your Social Media accounts taken over, and having horrible things posted from your social media account and people think it is YOU.

These kinds of scenarios happen and are getting more common every day. Hackers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and the companies that store our personal information are way more vulnerable to attacks than we want to think.

Today we are going to talk about SIM SWAPPING which is a way a hacker can gain access to your phone and by extension your bank account, brokerage account, your email, social media, or any other account you use your telephone for that sacred “code” to prove you are you.

Unfortunately, traditional cell phone companies are not doing much to protect you. But it is not all bad news, there is a cellular phone company named efani that has stepped up and made it more difficult for hackers. efani offers the nation’s most secure mobile service and claims a 100% success rate.

The SAFE plan comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for 60-days. and includes:

*11 Layer Proprietary Military Grade Security
*Unlimited Call/Text/Data within US/Canada & Mexico
*5G Access on America’s Largest & Fastest Network
*Wi-Fi Calling
*Keep your Current Number
*International Data-Roaming
*$5 Million Insurance Coverage (includes: Crypto, Banking, Brokerage & Other Losses)

Take Action and Secure your Privacy & Cell Phone NOW

Secure your assets, privacy, and your phone by calling Toll Free 1-833-693-3264 or visit the website below at www.myefani.com

About efani
efani was founded in 2019 by Haseeb Awan, CEO & Founder of efani. Mr. Awan was first SIM swapped in 2018 and after getting, SIM swapped 3 more times he decided his mobile provider couldn’t be trusted to keep his information safe so he created his own SECURE CELL service company, efani was born. The efani SAFE unlimited plan for $99 a month includes $5 MILLION Dollars Cyber Security Insurance on your money, Bitcoin, Crypto, Banking, Brokerage & other Losses as a result of SIM hacking while you are on the efani plan, efani will cover your losses up to $5 MILLION dollars. efani claims a 100% success rate!

Literally, no customer to date has been SIM Swapped while on their plan. While efani is still a young company you are insured and backed by Llyods of London on that policy PER efani line.

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