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Electricity Monitor Maker Calls on 60,000 Customers to Measure Savings during Earth Hour

2008-03-28 10:15:00

Electricity Monitor Maker Calls on 60,000 Customers to Measure Savings during Earth Hour

OTTAWA, ONTARIO and ST. JOHNS, NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR–( EMWNews – March 28, 2008) – Blue Line Innovations, makers of the PowerCost Monitor, the device that shows homeowners what their house is spending on electricity minute to minute, is asking each of their 60,000 customers in North America, 33,000 in Ontario, to use their Monitors to measure their savings during Earth hour at 8:00pm on this Saturday Night.

Earth Hour is an international event that asks households and businesses to turn off their lights and non-essential electrical appliances for one hour on the evening of Saturday, March 29th at 8PM local time to promote electricity conservation and thus lower carbon emissions.

Blue Line Innovations is also inviting PowerCost Monitor users to share their stories about their electricity savings sending the company an email about their experiences with earth hour. The email address is [email protected]

Danny Tuff, CEO of Blue Line Innovations said: “The value of our monitor is that is shows people how much they are spending on electricity in real time. So, if they turn appliances off, they can see how much they are saving per hour. We’re reminding our customers that they can use the Monitor in this way during Earth Hour.”

The PowerCost MonitorTM attaches to the electricity meter on the outside of the home and it reads the meter. It then sends a signal to a small companion display unit, which can sit atop a counter or hang on the wall inside the home. The display unit shows the homeowner how much money is being spent on electricity from minute to minute. There are no wires used to connect the sensor unit to the display unit in the home.

About Blue Line Innovations:

Blue Line Innovations offers innovative conservation and demand-side management solutions to the energy sector. Key divisions of Blue Line Innovations are involved in product development, marketing, systems engineering and manufacturing. Blue Line is the only developer and provider of real time electricity monitoring technology in Canada.

Given the global focus on energy conservation, Blue Line Innovations is well positioned to support individuals, utilities and governments in achieving their conservation goals.

For more information, please contact

Blue Line Innovations or the PowerCost Monitor


Shaun Markey
[email protected]

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