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The Elemental Comics Brand: A little Sci-Fi. A little Fantasy. A WHOLE lot of Fun!

Fans of Comic Books, Original Stories, and exciting characters? Then check out the EC Brand, and all WE have to offer to you fans of Adventure, Action, Excitement, and MORE.
Created by S.A. Nathe, animator and artist, in 2015 online, through Amazon, Youtube, and on our website, the EC Brand has a lot to offer, with a lot more to come in the coming years as the brand continues to grow online.
Already offering several series in Comic Book form online–as well as a popular series on Youtube: The Adventures of Hero-Man–there is a lot that shows that the EC Brand can offer you if you feel like checking out what we have.
“Creating Comics has been my dream since I was a kid, and I know I can achieve anything as long as I keep doing what I do, not showing any doubts, and making comics I like, and I know fans someday will not only appreciate the efforts…but CHEER them!”
S.A. Nathe began drawing comics, inspired by the classic T.M.N.T. Mirage Studio comics, and growing up through the 1990s continued to get inspiration and build a dream of a future in which his ideas would be shared with the world.
With Social Media outlets on Twitter and Facebook, as well as the brand’s website, a growing fan base is within reach, and the expansion of the EC Universe is bound to increase as well with several Comic AND Cartoon series coming still.
“A crowdfunding drive has begun on GoFundMe to build up a $250 goal to help pay for the EC Brand’s website, with any funds raised going to the site, and promoting anyway I know possible to get the audience, and keep them…”

Check out the EC Brand, and there will be no END to the “WHOLE lot of Fun!”—

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