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Engine Innovation at the Forefront: Ilmor and GM Marine Showcase New Technologies at SuperCat Fest West

LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ – 21/04/2024 – (EMWNews) – Ilmor Engineering and GM Marine, renowned leaders in high-performance marine propulsion, are making waves at this year’s SuperCat Fest West in Lake Havasu City. This event, acclaimed for showcasing the world’s most impressive speedboats, provides the perfect backdrop for the unveiling of their latest engineering marvels. The 2024 season marks a significant phase in the partnership between Ilmor and GM Marine, focusing on innovations that push the boundaries of marine engine performance.

Visitors to the SuperCat Fest West will witness the premiere of the Supercharged 650, a standout creation by Ilmor. This engine is a specialized adaptation of GM’s celebrated LT4 engine and features a powerful Eaton TVS Supercharger. Capable of reaching up to 20,000 RPM and generating more than 9 pounds of boost, the Supercharged 650 delivers an astonishing 650 horsepower and 665 lb-ft of torque. This engine exemplifies the synergy between Ilmor and GM Marine, combining high performance with unprecedented reliability, aiming to redefine the boating experience for enthusiasts around the globe.

Alongside the Supercharged 650, Ilmor is set to showcase the MV8 570. This engine is a testament to compact efficiency and advanced engineering, with a design rooted in GM Performance Parts’ modern LS architecture. The MV8 570 leverages cutting-edge engine technologies such as variable valve timing to enhance its performance, boosting lower-end torque and maximizing horsepower at high RPMs. Encased in a strikingly designed package, this naturally aspirated 570 HP engine underscores Ilmor’s commitment to excellence in marine engine development.

SuperCat Fest West, now in its second year, not only features these technological advancements but also offers an array of activities for attendees. From thrilling Fun Runs across the lake to lively dock parties and the anticipated annual Poker Run, the event promises a spectacular weekend for all. Moreover, the festival is dedicated to surpassing last year’s charitable contributions, targeting over $200,000 in donations through various fundraising activities.

Set against the picturesque setting of Havasu Riviera Marina, the event kicks off on Thursday, April 18th, and runs throughout the weekend. It serves as a pivotal gathering for the marine industry, where speed, innovation, and community come together in a celebration of nautical prowess.

Ilmor and GM Marine are poised to impress at this premier marine event, demonstrating their leadership in the field and their commitment to enhancing the boating experience through technological innovation.

SOURCE: Ilmor Engineering

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