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Equinox Gold Mines Gold Directly to Consumers with New E-commerce Platform

Singapore, Singapore Jun 23, 2024 ( – Equinox Gold Corporation (NYSE: EQX), a gold mining company with a growing portfolio of high-grade gold deposits in the Americas, has announced the launch of its new e-commerce platform,, marking a strategic shift towards a direct-to-consumer sales model. This move positions Equinox Gold to capitalize on the rising demand for gold, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, while providing customers with a convenient and secure way to purchase genuine gold products.

The online store offers a diverse range of gold products, including bullion, jewelry, and collectibles, all sourced directly from Equinox Gold’s mines. This direct-to-consumer approach eliminates intermediaries, enabling the company to offer competitive prices and guarantee the authenticity and quality of its products.

“Equinox Gold is excited to introduce to our customers,” stated Greg Smith, CEO of Equinox Gold. “This platform represents a natural progression in our business as we transform into a full-service gold provider, catering to the evolving preferences of our customers.”

The company’s decision to venture into direct gold sales aligns with the growing demand for gold, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Gold has historically served as a safe-haven asset, and its appeal has intensified in recent years amidst geopolitical uncertainties and economic fluctuations.

“We recognize the substantial demand for gold in the Asia-Pacific region, driven by a growing middle class and a deep-rooted cultural affinity for gold,” said Greg Smith. “With, we are well-positioned to capitalize on this market opportunity and provide our customers in the region with convenient access to high-quality gold products.”

Equinox Gold is committed to sustainable mining practices and maintains a leading position in environmental and social responsibility. The company ensures that its gold products are extracted responsibly, ethically, and with minimal environmental impact.

The launch of marks a pivotal moment in Equinox Gold’s journey, signaling a new chapter in the company’s history. By embracing a full-service gold model and prioritizing sustainable mining practices, Equinox Gold is well-equipped to capitalize on the growing demand for gold in the years to come.

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