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Erkang STARCHGEL Appears at Supplyside West and CPHI Worldwide

From October 24 to 26, 2023, CPHI Worldwide and SupplySide West would be grandly held in Spain and the United States. Erkang, renowned as a pivotal supplier in the global pharmaceutical and health food ingredient industry, made a spectacular appearance at both industry events with its flagship product, cassava starch, and high-quality raw materials such as sodium citrate and caffeine.

Erkang, renowned as a pivotal supplier in the global pharmaceutical and health food ingredient industry, made a spectacular appearance at both prestigious gatherings. They showcased their flagship product, cassava starch, alongside superior raw materials such as sodium citrate and caffeine, all of which dazzled onlookers.


SupplySide West has evolved into a significant international exhibition for natural extracts, health product ingredients, and food additives, attracting participation from over 1,600 related enterprises worldwide. CPHI, in turn, is a trendsetting trade show in the pharmaceutical industry.


According to data from HTF Market Intelligence, the global plant-based softgel market is expected to grow at a rate of 6.9% from 2023 to 2028. By 2028, the market size is anticipated to reach $618.7 million, establishing a new trend in nutritional supplement consumption.


Erkang presented its popular products Starchgel® and N-VGEL® at the event. These products have garnered significant attention for meeting customer demands for “non-GMO” and “natural and safe” options. Leveraging its years of scientific research and innovation advantages in the field of plant-based capsules, Erkang Pharmaceuticals has maintained a strong market position over the years, serving over 1,000 nutrition brands worldwide.


In addition to the aforementioned, Erkang also showcased a range of premium products, including Caffeine, Sodium Citrate, Sulfadiazine, and Rutin, among others. The extensive suite of solutions attracted numerous customers to the booth for visits and discussions.


As a leading enterprise in pharmaceutical excipients in China, Erkang began its industrial park layout in Cambodia in 2013, with total investments exceeding $400 million. The park projects span multiple key areas, including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical intermediates, and medicinal auxiliary materials. Currently, the annual production capacities are 180,000 tons for cassava starch, 50,000 tons for sodium citrate, and 10,000 tons for caffeine. The industrial park also supplies sulfadiazine, para-aminophenol, dinitrobenzene, and sodium theophylline, among others. With its geographical and manufacturing advantages, Erkang’s supply chain is globally integrated.


Through discussions with numerous industry professionals at the SSW and CPHI exhibitions, it was expressed that “plant-based” components are a crucial trend in the development of the health and wellness industry. Utilizing Erkang’s cassava starch for producing plant-based softgel capsules represents a new direction for upgrading the softgel category. The series of APIs provided by Erkang enjoys a wide range of industrial applications and holds strong competitive advantages in terms of production capacity and product quality.

It’s evident that Erkang Pharmaceuticals pays close attention to new market trends, continuously exerting innovative efforts in research and development, as well as production. In August of this year, Erkang became the first company in China to receive international certification for NSF dietary supplement GMP for both raw materials and finished products, complying with dual standards (NSF173 GMPDI, NSF/ANSI 455-2). Moving forward, Erkang will rapidly advance its international layout, enhance the core competitiveness of its products, and, with world-class production technology and more stringent manufacturing standards, provide more natural and safe solutions for global clients in the pharmaceuticals, health products, and food industries, working together with consumers worldwide towards a better and healthier future!


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