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Esmeralda Concerto: Movement 1, Act 1, a Royal Intrigue Now Available for Download

2008-07-17 16:05:00

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 17 /EMWNews/ -- "Esmeralda" -- a piano

concerto by Gavin McMillan Fulmer of Birmingham, Alabama -- has recently

been described as, "Chopin meets Danny Elfman," as stated by Dr. Don

Sanders (musicologist and professor) at Samford University. The production

studio, Sound Raven Studios, has spent the last seven years working on

Esmeralda's first movement. Because of its programmatic nature, the

concerto is divided structurally into three Acts. The first act musically

portrays Vladamyr (an exiled Romanian Count) who seeks out Esmeralda, a

Spanish princess of untold beauty. After rejection, Act 2 focuses on the

great personal conflict within Vladamyr's character, as he tries to come to

terms with Esmeralda's lack of interest. Act 3 depicts Esmeralda's eventual

acceptance of Vladamyr's intrigue. However, a great war in Romania causes

Vladamyr to return just as the two unite.

    The first movement of "Esmeralda" is slated to be entered into a

Concerto/Aria competition by November 2008 at Samford University. Though a

performer has not been formally "cast" to perform this movement, it will

most likely be one of Samford's very talented piano performance majors. If

the concerto is one of the winners, it will be performed some time in

March/April of 2009.

    Gavin McMillan Fulmer is a freelance film/game composer who resides in

Birmingham, Alabama. His production studio, Sound Raven Studios, focuses on

the creation of original soundtracks for both the film and video-game

industries. He has placed music within a MMO RPG entitled, "Ultiaris," and

Mr. Fulmer's "War of the Worlds" tribute soundtrack has been reviewed by

Cinescape/'s Randall Larson. The article can be found via any

popular search engine.

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