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You all know me from Twitter. Before I became unemployed because my job became redundant a couple years ago, I used to run a small photo competition called ‘Sunday Selfie’.

My friend Murph and I would choose a winner and then I’d send them a prize. It was so popular and got people involved and helped everyone become friends on Twitter. After loosing my job, things weren’t so good. I couldn’t afford to buy gifts for prizes, so I had to stop ‘Sunday Selfie’. As an older women with no tech skills, I became one of the long term unemployed. Things in America are not equal for all.
It was a real struggle just to survive and I had my dogs and cat to look after. They are my family.

I live a simple life now, and my husband started work recently at a small store near our home.

He worked long hours but it was such a relief that we had extra money coming in. A few weeks ago, he stopped coming home. I didn’t hear anything from him. I called the store and was put off each time with different excuses; he wasn’t available, wasn’t working, he was busy etc etc. Finally I was told to stop calling because I was harassing them and the police would be called. I was and am devastated. My husband is having an affair with the store owner and just left me with all the bills and nothing to support myself or pets with. 15 years gone just like that.

The 1st of the month came and went and the late date of the 5th came and went and now I’m  in arrears with the rent on my home. It is now overdue with an extra $100 added to the $895 rent. 7 days after the late date, you are given a 72 hour notice and a Court Date. After that I will loose my home and my pets.

I’ve lost so much that I don’t know what to do. All I can do is ask you, my friends, if you can possibly find it in your heart to help me while I try and get my life back on track.
As a 59 year old woman, the possibility of homelessness terrifies me.

I have swallowed my pride to ask for help, not for myself, but more for my animals. I love them deeply.

They are all I have. I can’t bare the thought of loosing them too.


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