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Family Home Flooded GoFundMe Booster

My name is Rayne and today our home was flooded by severe rain storms. I am asking for help to fix the home where me and my children reside. If we can’t fix it we will have to all split up and move and some of my older kids will not have a place to go.

My family consists of 6 kids, 1 grandson, and 4 adopted family members (4 under the age of 9 ). We have a pretty good set up here where we all have our individual space and it doesn’t feel like 12 people in the home. I try to help the older kids when ever possible while raising my two youngest boys ages 9 and 7. Even though I struggle I have always paid my bills on time and got us through hard times.

While unfortunate events happened today that I need help. Due to the Washington rain storms my house has flooded and I have lost everything. I am not in a flood zone so I didn’t think I needed flood insurance. I was wrong. I am asking for help to fix our house which is going to be the biggest cost since the water is coming through the floors and in our walls! I will also need to replace some of the items lost (like beds). If you don’t have any money to donate then I could really use the prayers and positive thoughts. Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas!

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