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Helping Randy With Surgery

If you guys remember about this time 2 short years ago, I had to tell you the horrible news about my husband Randy having to have a Quadruple By-Pass. Since that time, I’ve lost count of how many tests and procedures he’s had to go through. It seems every couple of months something else rears its ugly head and he has another battle he has to fight. It astounds me that he has so much fight in him. And now here comes the latest fight….

Randy had an appointment with his Heart Dr. and Unfortunately he received some bad news. He was told he would have to see a Vascular Surgeon as soon as possible. His left leg (the one they took 7 ft of artery out for his quadruple heart surgery a little over a year and a half ago) appears to be going downhill fast. It is his bad leg, which you know he broke years ago. He also has several plates and crews in his ankle that he crushed. 

His Cardiologist sent him up to the local hospital to have tests ran on his leg to check his pulses and all that and well it wasn’t very good at all. She sent him to get to Gainesville GA to see a Vascular specialist. With the numbers being as bad as they were, this can’t be ignored. He has met with the Vascular Surgeon and Now has received the news we feared the most to hear.. He has P.A.D He also has a major blockage in his Groin and another in his Thigh. 

 (Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) primarily results from atherosclerosis or cholesterol deposition in the walls of arteries that leads to reduced blood flow to the limbs. PAD mainly presents as change in skin color of the affected limb, pain in limbs when walking, and weakness in legs. Lifestyle changes are the first line of treatment and this is followed by medications and surgery.)

When Randy had his By-Pass I started a GoFundMe and so so many of you guys helped us out when we needed you the most. I can’t tell you how much it meant to us and how grateful we were and still are to each and every person you helped us out even if it was just thoughts and encouraging words. 

Neither of us are comfortable asking for help. It’s just not in our nature to ask for help. He doesnt even know I’m doing this actually so I expect to hear about it once he finds out : / But we now owe thousands and thousands in Medical bills…
I’m not supposed to be working, not after 4 heart attacks, but will all this, I felt I had no choice and am working 3 days a week. My Doctor’s not happy, but what can ya do?

But with so many proceedures every 3 months or so, and now another surgery looming in under a month, well, things are just stacking up more and more , I just thought I would start this and hope. When you get to the end of your rope. Sometimes that’s all you can do….

I will keep you guys updated as to how things are going and what the next step is once Randy has His Pre-Op which is on the 30th of Aug. Surgery is slated for the 17th of Sept. But unfortunately the Surgeon was only able to remove one of the blockages. The other one in his Main Artery has calcified and she couldn’t break through so now we are looking at a 2nd Surgery right behind the 1st one which before insurance was $40,000 and even after insurance (crew insurance at Hardee’s) is still over $10,000 and this does not include anesthesiology and all the tests in the last 2 months and now a new surgery is looming. We are under a Hurricane of Medical Bills…

So please please if you can donate, we would be so grateful but Even if you just share this around that would be such a help and thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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