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Emergency Car Fund Newborn on the Way Any Day GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

Emergency Family Car Repair Fund/ Newborn on the way any day with 3 kids needing assistance.. Im asking for emergency funds to help repair the family windstar coolant leak…Thank you for taking a moment for us, wherever you may have seen my link..

Please share if you have a moment, we honestly need all the friends we can get right now and if you want a story to get involved with and follow the birth of my firstborn son, we would keep you updated.. So here’s our story… My name is Andrew Cogdill and i come from Pigeon Forge up in the mountains of Gburg and Cosby. My fiance Katie and i have came into heavy financial trouble with a baby on the way.

Disabled with Schizophrenia and horrible Scoliosis, awaiting a judgement is promising..but we are hopelessly falling behind with every dollar spent before we get a check every other week, but with the shutdown affecting the tax returns, I fear that I will not get the flux of cash that we were so heavily relying on on time before the end of February, and even when we do, it will be nearing too late and we will be homeless in our van. It is very scary and we are going without necessities to hopefully be able to make it..

We live on about 15,800 if that a year. Less this year which i can prove… plus what little we can make on the side mowing a yard here and there but it is out of season.. it is very hard to get away with two kids one on the way. My fiance works at Panda Express and she’s getting ready to pop any day, her amniotic fluid is leaking @ 36 weeks and it should be any day if not hours (jan.14th). She will have to take no pay leave for at least a month as all new mothers and we will have a gap in funds too heavy to ignore.. She is @ high risk and should be resting but cannot due to the monetary situation we find ourselves in, and to make matters even more worse, the family Windstar we are driving has sprung a coolant leak and I’m using a chamois to absorb the pinhole spray coming from the engine, but it’s just a matter of time before something breaks completely and we are stranded in the cold, without a place to go besides our local church to rally with others to survive…

The government shutdown will affect the time frame that we were relying on getting taxes back and rent assistance as well so we are pretty much about to be put out like the other 800,000 people affected. Any donation even $0.50 or a dollar would help, and if you cannot, PLEASE share, because there are causes that i believe are ridiculous compared to a family of 5 surviving..butt tattoos have donations.. Walls and ladders… The federal families and needy families should have that much support… We came from losing EVERYTHING in the gatlinburg fires with NO insurance or money from dollywood, the family member that owned and help build the house had insurance, we had (O) insurance for personal losses. it has spiraled downward from that day forward. Honestly it has been an absolute nightmare from the house burning down to getting our stuff stolen while running away to having our scrapped house ransacked over for scrap metal…

I will attach a YouTube link. The YouTube video above shows the reporter inside of our living room in front of our hearth where my papaw was kneeling every day for starting the fires that kept us warm during the winter and where i spent 12 years of my life, playing cars everyday when i was 4+ and getting Grandmas signature burr haircut. All of this is just getting to be so much, this is our last resort. I’m feeling ashamed asking for help but if I could do anything else besides ask for money I would, it’s just coming down to the wire and any bit of support would keep our family from failing. I have one daughter from a previous relationship that just was taken into State’s custody and I had no control over it whatsoever and everything is culminating towards failure at this point so i am at gofundme mercy. I will invest every dollar into my families well being, it is an emergency fund 100% and every dollar will go straight to what is needed most.

As assurance, I can post pictures of everything proof wise, pictures of my engine blasting coolant, pictures of my wife’s belly, youtube links of my father, uncles, great uncles and the coverage on the home of ours, Even our gross income on ADP last year of 15000 to prove we arent living at all luxurious.. As I’m speaking changing these words to text I have a lump in my heart and throat trying to gain enough courage to even post this but after I seen 20 million dollars for a wall that will not make any difference, and “ladders to climb the wall” .. It makes me sick to think what .01% of that money could do for us.. So in conclusion I will do anything for my family and sharing this is my part in helping do what i am able to, to help.

I’ll pray that there will be a way monetarily or spiritually because God is walking with us and supporting this nation and every family here he will make a way for the federal workers and regular families that are going to suffer until this government shutdown ends. Milk prices are raising even bread and sugar, we are getting terrified that we will be without any support whatsoever because we do not ask the state for anything, not even WIC. Please have some compassion if you’ve read this far and at least know that this family is praying for you and needs prayers as well. Thank you all and God bless the USA and all of its citizens. Thank you so much for your time, i honestly can say at least some in this world are nice, warm people just trying to make it…

Best prayers and wishes to all <3 one share and thats what it could take to get our visibility up so that maybe someday we can get stable and one less worry, because money is a huge stressor if you’re stressing it.. Sometimes giving tithe isnt all you have to do in my case, we just need some passionate friends, willing to invest in our families growth. For all the contributors, when we have to go to the hospital very soon I will be posting updates and new baby boy pictures.

You all have a wonderful week and thank you for any comments or support sharing! We will make it one way or the other!


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/1st-baby-boy-fund-due-anyday

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