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Saving Pico GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure

Raising money for the cost of hospitalization and surgery of my otherwise happy, healthy lil Chihuahua.

Our little Pico is a happy, healthy Long Hair Chihuahua. He has been sick since this past Sunday, November 11. After a visit to the vet we were told all his liver values were elevated and had a high white blood cell count.  He’s fighting an infection but the don’t have the necessary equipment to do further testing.

We had to transfer him from Veterinary Clinic of Parkland to Summit Referral Center.
Here he can have further diagnostic testing and received continuous iv fluids while a diagnosis is reached. We were told he may have cancer of the liver and that meant we would not be  bringing our little guy home again.

After an ultrasound we were given the “best case scenario” that Pico has an infected gallbladder and that having it removed would save his life. Other than his poor gallbladder he is a healthy, vibrant dog with many years ahead of him. However, this life saving surgery comes with an initial cost of $7000, barring any complication or need for further treatment.

Per the surgeon, Pico is a very low risk candidate for this gallbladder removal surgery.  We have agonized over the need to save his precious life but desperately need the financial support to do so.

Im hoping to attach the hospital care & surgical estimates to outline the costs and what they are for.
We all love our pets and know they are more family than pets. Please donate what you can even if all you have is a prayer. We’re asking for those as well.

Thank you all for taking a minute to hear our story.

God bless you!
Dannie Edgerton
Ward Lambing


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/saving-pico

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