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Need help, about to be homeless and have 5 kids

Hi my name is natasha. Me and my fiance were living in exstended stay motels in branson with our 5 kids. We have been trying since january to find a home. We moved from our home town to get away from our past and start a fresh new life. But when we got to branson noone would rent to us with 5 kids or bc of our past. We were finally approved to rent to own a home in springfield mo.

The down payment is 5200.00, the rent is 1095.00. They split the down payment into 6 payments of 866.67. So for our first 6 months we have to pay 1961.67. My fiance jason has deteriorating disk in his back, he has had surgery on it. The drs told him to file for disability. But he has to work to support us. We have 5 kids savannah 13, jazzmyn 12, chase 9, jaxson 7, gunnar 4. And our white boxer bella.

Were are just asking for your donations just to raise the 5000.00. So that were not paying almost 2000 a month. We don’t get food stamps. Jason drives 45 min twice a day to go to work. Can you plz help my family so we can stay in our home. Our rent is due today sept 1st. We only have till the 15th before they start the eviction process. We new in the beginning we were going to struggle but we had to get out of the motels and get in a home to put our 5 kids in school. So we signed the lease and did what we had to do. Plz help my family and donate.

Thank you all and god bless.

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