Need Christmas Miracle GoFundME by Allen Stretanski Campaign

Need my car for work, bills are pilling up and my world is collapsing around me, I want to give my family a great Christmas .

I was on my way to work, and I heard a loud boom where it put a ringing sound in my ear, I thought it was my tire I had pulled over to see and when I got out of my car i seen that my moon roof was shattered. I literally broke down, because I am the sole provider for three beautiful kids and an amazing wife.

My wife can not work right now due to being on restriction due to her having neck surgery done in October. I have been struggling to provide for my family and now with Christmas coming I am struggling more .I even tried getting a part time job to help us. Unfortunately I couldn’t get in to a part time job because of the hours.

I work mid nights and work an hour away, But I had hope I tried out for uber and Lyft to bring extra money in and got approved but now lost it because of my moon roof being shattered I can not  drive my car. I tried to got through my insurance company and my comp is a thousand, I tried  the dealership  and they will not help.

I had some one bring this to my attention and I know a lot of people are struggling this time of year, and feel embarrassed to even post this, I rather help some one out then ask for help, but this is my last hope to be able to help my struggling family and I’m still able to give my family a Christmas.



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