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A BABY NEEDS $ FOR HEART SURGERY GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

A five month old girl desperate needing $2500 to save her life for heart surgery

In Vietnam, a mother is holding her thin baby, she cries so much whose daughter is not even five month old. Her baby has stayed in the hospital for four months. She is skinny, pale, weak and is suffering from pain. Doctors suggest her baby to have a heart surgery to be able to save her life but, the mom is so poor, not even enough money to help her own daughter. This is a real heart touching story.

All this money will go to her daughter when there is enough donation. PLEASE HELP THIS BABY $2500 to save her life. Sometimes we ‘re too busy with our life schedule, we don’t think about others who are more unfortunate than us until we have any shock in our life.

Then we appreciate life, ready to have empathy and help others. I am doing this NOT for my own good. I’m doing this with my good heart. Life is too short so start helping others those in needs. Hope God will bless this child. Either ways are good you can donate straight through this website that sponsor this kids, but wordings is in vietnam.
Any amount is good.

Please give out your warm heart to this baby.

Thanks for those reading this and God Bless to all!

This is a real story wording in Vietnamese http://vietnamnet.vn/vn/ban-doc/chia-se/be-gai-5-thang-tuoi-can-gap-60-trieu-dong-mo-tim-479094.html


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/2ejut92y

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