Hail Mary – Save Our House

I’m a mom of two teens, one who is Autistic and the other who has PTSD from witnessing her dad, who is bedridden, have seizures for the past 3 years and having to perform CPR on him almost daily when I was at work. I would take over after work. My husband (their dad) has PTSD and is critically ill from the effects of prescribed opioids. He’s no longer on opioids (for 1 year) but still suffers the damage from them.

I’ve been holding the fort for 3 agonizing years going back and forth to the ER, doctors, and hospitals, while trying to keep my job and pay the bills all by myself. I’ve been a responsible person to my family, college graduate, worked non-stop since the age of 15 (now 49), excellent 775 fico, never missed a payment to my creditors for 34 years until recently.

Recently, we suffered a disruption of income (income from husband) and fell behind in our mortgage payments and credit card bills that had mounted during the past 3 years from medical bills when all this tragedy started. I barely kept us afloat by refinancing our home multiple times and using credit cards. I’m currently 3 house payments behind. I just started a second job to try and catch up. I can recoup in the long term but I can’t make up the 3 house payments fast enough before the lender has the legal right to foreclose on us. I was proactive and kept the lender at bay for 6 months in anticipation of getting a modification or payment plan for the missed payments, which were all denied. The lender just sent a demand letter for us to get current or they will start the proceedings September 28, 2018. For many people, they have relatives they can go to or rent an apartment. We don’t have those options and my husband is bedridden. It doesn’t make sense how a person who had crystal clear credit and never missed a payment in 34 years with a solid full time job can be at risk of being homeless in less than a month! Keep Your Home California program was a scam, like many other government programs.

We just need to get current now and I can maintain it with my second job thereafter. I’m also trying to sell my jewelry to a broker on Tuesday.

This is my Hail Mary for anyone out there who can understand our story. It’s not just helping us to keep our house, it’s helping us to repair our lives starting with the ability to keep our home.

I will pay it forward.

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/wd53b-save-our-home