The Fire in the Background

“The Fire in the Background” a story unlike any other. This is fiction for The Current Year.

Help support a new, independent publishing company that works hard to bring you original works of fiction made with love, time, and attention. We’re a husband and wife team: he writes the books, she runs the business. “The Fire in the Background” is our first installment in the Ridge Falls Stories Series. It is an unconventional political drama, filled with heart, moral dilemmas, small town intrigue, and comic books. It is a one of a kind story that pulls you in and poses the question: What would you do to save your home town? It is currently available on Kindle as an e-book, if you have Kindle Unlimited there is no additional cost to read it. It is also available on Amazon in a paperback version. We want to thank everyone in advance for helping to make our dream come true.

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