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Flash Flood Victim loses everything GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

On December 6th my ENTIRE house flooded about a foot or so high. As I was driving to my house I started to see cars turn around. As I entered the block of my address some of the cars were halfway submerged under rain water. A fire truck was backing up from exactly in front of my house. They told me to park somewhere else because I won’t make it. Apparently the gutters were blocked and the firefighters unclogged after the damage was done. I have renter’s insurance but it doesn’t cover floods because it only covers accidental floods. Geico told me my area is listed as a no flood zone. I have lived at this house for about 3 years and this has never happened before. I was recommended $15,000 for coverage and I can see why now.

So many electronics lost that were plugged in. All of my shoes in my closet. All of my couches and bedroom set furniture will all start molding. I had an entire house like set up in my backyard with a cali king, Tv, dining table, Front patio with couch and coffee table. The backyard was flooded and I’d sink in to my knees. Other 2 gazebos ripped to shreds. Water was coming in through the floors, walls, tub, everywhere. Not just the front door. Thank you so much to Rick & Mitch for bringing the 3 water pumps and being that friend with a truck. Koko my landlord for bringing cleaning supplies and putting her back into mop crew although pregnant. Her husband Julio for replacing the refrigerator on the same night. Also my bestie Jay for bringing Tasty & Hannah to actually mop and not stand around and watch. Thank you josh for being the water vacuum.

Oscar & Kevin for being good neighbors. I asked to borrow a broom on the night of and they claimed to need it more even though their floors looked like it was just freshly mopped. They came over to just check out my place because they didn’t believe me. Immediately started to help try to sweep the water out. I would still be cleaning and getting the place decent enough to start packing if it wasn’t for this bunch. My landlord informed me that I would be asked to leave as soon as their home owner insurance claim is approved. Of course because of mold they’d want to prevent health issues as well as renovating the house and ripping the floors up ASAP. So in about 2 weeks I would need to leave and I’d pretty much be starting over.

Hirer haul away service for everything damaged. I’ll add a couple before pictures as well. I feel for those whom suffered from a natural disaster. I was renting this house for my beloved Teddy. I knew I should’ve moved when my everything/doggy past away last July. He got hit by a car by someone speeding and they didn’t even stop. But I had so much belongings that have accumulated , and after evaluating the quantity of all my possessions, I decided against…FEMA told me I had to have President Trump needs to declare help for my zip code and they have fundings for floods. The government was shut down during that time and they told me to call back.

I left a message and an online comment, yet still no action.

If you don’t have anything to give, please leave a comment on the White House Lime saying “to make 92113 a state of emergency for Melissa Mays due to a flash flood”. Possibly can help other neighbors in this neighborhood. Some of the other homes were built higher clearly for a reason. 202-456-1111

I have also put a claim in with the city because the gutters were clogged. I believe they said it will take 60 days and that has passed as well.

I tried to wait it out as long as possible hoping Renter’s insurance, FEMA, or the city would help with assistance. I should be moving in this week to a new place, but with 1/10 of the amount of personal belongings I worked hard for. If you have as little as $20 to give, it really does add up. I will appreciate every cent so much.

Thank you everyone!!


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/melissamaysflashflood

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