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Single Mother of two ZumaFunder.com GoFundMe Boost

I am doing this for a friend. She is struggling not just financially but emotional as well. She single mother of 2 amazing little kids Breanna 8 and Bentley is 4, Bentley has sever autism and ADHD (Can get proof). Her mother is schedule have surgery, and well lose her right foot, and has heart problems. 2 weeks ago her aunt was diagnosed with cancer, and my friend taking care of everybody cause she only one they got. So she all time going to Nashville (for her mom and son) and now Murfreesboro (for her aunt treatment). If all this wasn’t enough her ex husband and children father has bailed (got drug habit). She had take him to court for full rights of kids and supervised visits (which he hasnt been to one or even try set one up). Also means she had pay lawyer (which she used her income taxes on. Right now they are living in income based appartments and using her son SSI to pay bills, and constantly short between rent, electric, car, insurance. She did have wifi but it got cut off. She suppose get child support but he doesn’t pay and work job 2 to 3 weeks so he wont have paid child support. He didnt fill taxes cause she would get it. Then just top everything off her daughter getting bullied at school/on bus, so she take and pick her kids up from school. I know how much having good vechile paid off and have extra 300 a month for gas and food, and maybe get pre paid phone (she has government phone) Also she her nephew ( Im not going speak on her brother out respect for her.) I mean she helping on time her brother time with him. Also I know she loved be able do anything for her kids birthday. Her son in March and daughter in April . Anything help prayers or anything is greatly appreciated

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/f/y4kgy-single-mother-of-two

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